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elchippo avatar 9:15 AM on 12.12.2010  (server time)
Transport Tycoon

You might remember the original Tycoon game, the one that came even before Roller Coaster Tycoon which then spawned the entire series of [Random Business] Tycoon games. If not, it can probably be described as the greatest model railway you've ever had- It even has planes! Later on there was a remake named Transport Tycoon Deluxe, which added a lot of improvements to the original, including amongst other things 3 new types of map (sub-arctic, desert and... uhm... kiddyland. Not as bad as it probably sounds).

The original game is one of my earliest gaming memories way back when, and so when a friend recently showed me OpenTTD, an open source remake of TTD, I was pretty excited to try it out. I was expecting that after more than 10 years I'd be pretty crap, especially as in my experience, fan remakes are often more difficult than the original games, or change things up in un-expected ways. To my relief and surprise it all came back pretty quickly, and while there were changes, they actually made the game better and removed some parts of the game which I remeber being slightly annoying. For example, there's now a tool to convert rail track into mono-rail\maglev so you don't have to rip up your entire line and rebuild it all anymore. There's also an auto-renew vehicles option so that you don't have to faff about replacing 100 clapped out old busses and trains every 15 minutes. The guys who did this remake have done a great job of improving the game, by removing those fairly pointless time-sinks,leaving you more time to focus on building impossibly complex rail networks.

Anyway I guess this is a bit of a crap first 'blog', dosn't seem to be much of a blog, but meh, I just thought I'd share this incase there's anyone out there who remembers the game or has an interest in it, so if that's you, hopefully this wasn't a total waste of your time :P

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