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el moco's blog

9:24 PM on 01.23.2010

epic sniper shot.

[embed]161401:26835[/embed]   read

4:29 PM on 04.19.2008

poor rodney

he gets beat down river city ransom style..... power up fried chicken FTW!!!!

[embed]82357:10524[/embed]   read

5:57 AM on 04.15.2008


click if you dare.....


6:02 AM on 04.01.2008

super pii pii brothers

for the wii, it's a pee simulator for girls!!! comes with a free wiimote harness!!!

[embed]78870:9835[/embed]   read

9:53 PM on 02.06.2008

wiimote enslaves Blinkm

rest assured, if there is a odd device without a input floating around somewhere without a controller, someone will mod a Wiimote to control it.


more info and files here.   read

2:53 PM on 01.17.2008

brain juice makes you better at FPS games EDIT

sorry for the moonspeak. it's in english now....

don't take my word for it, check out the FPS-Brain site for some dubious quotes and testimonials.....

The alertness and mental clarity I get from FpsBrain
helps me to maximize my gaming performance with
every move!" Craig W. from Toronto"   read

10:09 AM on 12.19.2007

recycle a old tv, get 100 off a ps3 [update]

1:07 PM on 09.26.2007

blank maps for halo 3's Forge editor.

follow this forum post for the user's fileshare on, and queue 'em up!!!   read

10:25 AM on 09.22.2007

forgotten arcades from somewhere in russia

2:03 PM on 09.20.2007

Halo 3 launch party in chicago

hereand use the confirmation code CHICAGOBCC

get free swag!!!!!   read

10:39 AM on 09.19.2007

topless guitar hero girl. NSFW.

<p>Ummm, what the hell? Sorry man, don't know what happened to your original text. Anyway:</p><p> </p><p>CHECK THAT SHIT OUT! -- CTZ </p>   read

8:14 PM on 09.11.2007

OMG!!! Crackdown coming to Wii!!!!!

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