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7:28 PM on 03.22.2011

Here is my latest Anatomy Figure. I decided that my last one is going to be Rush. I have some ideas for some awesome cyborgs, but I am not going to be cutting them into quarters anymore (well.. unless I get a really really good idea.)

I used a rush that I found at a CVS pharmacy, transformers ravage, and other miscellaneous robot parts. I like the way that the head came out especially. If you are interested in buying this, check out Ebay, or if you want to see pictures, go to My Flickr Page

6:10 PM on 02.25.2011

Just wanted to show off my latest. It is an old school fortune teller cabinet with Wario as the fortune teller.

I guess even a giant mech of yourself can't help you in the zombie apocalyse. He may be one of the last ones infected, but even Luigi is not immune. I used a 6" vinyl Luigi that I picked up at WalMart and I drained the life out of him. I know some are wondering what happened to Mario, but I guess that is yet to be seen.

I think this is going to be the last Zombie I do for a little while. I have done my series and now I want to move on to something different. I also have one last Anatomy Sculpture that I just finished that I will be showing in a couple of weeks. I have a bunch of ideas for new things, so hopefully I don't disappoint with the new stuff.

If you are interested in buying Luigi, go to My Ebay Listing. If you want to see more pictures, go to My Flickr Page

This will probably be the last Mario Mech figure that I make unless Nintendo decides to make more 10" vinyl figures. Since this is my last, I have decided to sell it and let someone own this. I wanted to do a Giant Princess Peach and give her Machine-Gun-Jubblies, but I don't see Nintendo ever making a 10" Peach.

I decided to put Luigi inside the main body to change it up a little bit. My favorite part is the door. I used Lego parts to do the hinges and I think it came out really cool.

If you are interested in buying this, I have posted it to Ebay. For more pictures you can go to My Flickr Page

Here is my follow-up to the Megaman anatomy Sculpture I did a few weeks ago. I actually made this about the same time as the Megaman, but I have only now just gotten around to painting it. I used a vinyl Gutsman that I got at a CVS pharmacy a couple years back. The robot parts were parts from random robots and things that I have built previously. If you are interested in purchasing this, I have posted it to Ebay.

For more pictures you can go to My Flickr Page

Here is Zombie Yoshi. Have you ever seen the clip from Robot Chicken where Mario and Luigi end up in Vice City? Well at the end of it, Yoshi is shown driving to Racoon city. This is how that ended up....

I am actually trying do something a little darker, so I thought zombie Mario universe characters would be awesome. I am actually selling this one on Ebay and I hope it does well. The Megaman sold for $400, but the buyer backed out. So I will be putting that one back up in a couple of weeks also. As always, I would love to know what you think. Since this is my first Zombie, I would like to get some thoughts on how to make it better. To see more pictures, go to My Flickr Page.