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I'm your average girl who loves to game, I believe it is the most fun you can get from batteries. My dream is to find someone who can at least keep up with me in SMB3. One day when I win the lottery that I do not play, I will move to Florida or California and go to one of those Game Design Colleges in the excerpts of my monthly Game Informer. Until then, I will play out my days as a server for Buffalo Wild Wings and give my gamertag out instead of my number when patrons hit on me. Or I will wait until the editors of Destructoid read this and realize I could be a writing asset to their gaming community.

MY TOP 10 FAVORITE GAMES/GAME SERIES (In no particular order):
Fatal Frame
Silent Hill
Tomb Raider
Maniac Mansion
Clock Tower
Super Mario Brothers 3
Resident Evil
Joe Montana's Sports Talk Football
Mortal Kombat

"I refuse to do a battle of wits with someone who is clearly unarmed"

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My name is Gracie and i am new to Destructoid.com. So far it has been a learning experience i will never forget, i promise. I am recently playing Halo 3, dabbling in the C.O.D scene, wasting my time with Fable 2, wanting to own dead rising 2, and helping a friend beat Silent Hill Homecoming even though i have already done so. I enjoy playing Survival Horror games the most, but am open to any genre besides sports games. I am hoping for a new Fatal Frame to come out for the Next GEN. consoles. I love a good challenge, but i cannot promise you the working controller for that is mine, no touchy! I use to play W.O.W (go horde!) but soon realized that despite the entertainment value, i had the chance of loosing my job and funds for living expenses. No money, no internet, no gaming,and no point. My car wields a license plate frame that says, " i eat noobs for breakfast" and has 3 white sticker decals stating from top to bottom, "In loving memory: your gaming skills" , " "3-2-1... SLAYER!", and "O.M.F.G: the girl gamers prayer". It is very amusing to see people's dumbfounded expressions of my decals out of my rear view mirror. This is all just part of my dry wit again. Thus i leave all of you who posted on my first blog with hopefully a better understanding of me and a new outlook on my blogging performance.


"I refuse to do a battle of wits with someone who is clearly unarmed"

BLEHMAN- can you find all the grammatical errors:-!,.?

Just playing Halo 3 and wondering why guys think all girls who play video games are fat? I know this is a played out scenario and never the less does it bother me, being only 120 pounds. Did it ever occur to some of these guys that girls can loose weight but there face is going to look like that forever? Just wanted to bring a smile to your being :-)

"All your base are belong to us!"