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Intro for your viewing pleasure...

My name is Gracie and i am new to Destructoid.com. So far it has been a learning experience i will never forget, i promise. I am recently playing Halo 3, dabbling in the C.O.D scene, wasting my time with Fable 2, wanting to ...


Does this B.R make me look fat?

Just playing Halo 3 and wondering why guys think all girls who play video games are fat? I know this is a played out scenario and never the less does it bother me, being only 120 pounds. Did it ever occur to some of these guy...


About eightxbitxchickone of us since 11:03 AM on 08.04.2009

I'm your average girl who loves to game, I believe it is the most fun you can get from batteries. My dream is to find someone who can at least keep up with me in SMB3. One day when I win the lottery that I do not play, I will move to Florida or California and go to one of those Game Design Colleges in the excerpts of my monthly Game Informer. Until then, I will play out my days as a server for Buffalo Wild Wings and give my gamertag out instead of my number when patrons hit on me. Or I will wait until the editors of Destructoid read this and realize I could be a writing asset to their gaming community.

MY TOP 10 FAVORITE GAMES/GAME SERIES (In no particular order):
Fatal Frame
Silent Hill
Tomb Raider
Maniac Mansion
Clock Tower
Super Mario Brothers 3
Resident Evil
Joe Montana's Sports Talk Football
Mortal Kombat

"I refuse to do a battle of wits with someone who is clearly unarmed"

Please feel free to stalk me at your own convenience:

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