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edwinjoe450 avatar 3:57 PM on 11.18.2013  (server time)
Prequels, Prequels Everywhere

2013 has been a fantastic year for gaming. We already had amazing games, like Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us and Grand theft Auto V. The next gen consoles are already upon us. So yeah, it's been an incredible year. One trend that got popular this year was the release of prequels to major franchises, some examples: DMC, Tomb Raider, Gears of War Ascension, Gears of War Judgment and Batman Arkham Origins. The real question of this blog is, Were they necessary? Did they move the franchise forward? or Were they last gen cash ins? *Warning some minor spoilers ahead*

Prequel/Reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise, developed by Ninja Theory. A game that made fans rage, due to Dante's new look. The developer even joked about this whole situation by making Dante wear a white wig. Now, comes the analysis:

Pros: Felt like a Devil May Cry game, Deep combat, easy to play, hard to master, Good Origin Story.

Cons: Easier then the rest of DMC's, Lame boss fights, Predictable Plot Twist.

Necessary? Yes/No. It's an interesting approach for an old franchise, but it could've been a new IP and still be a great action game.

Gears of War Judgment
Prequel to the rest of the Gears of War games, it follows Baird and his Kilo Squad while they fight through the locust hordes. Developed by People Can Fly, the same developer of Bulletstorm, EPIC games trusted them with a really important franchise for the xbox 360. So, did they nail it?

Pros: Overrun, pacing is chaotic and fun, needed tweaks to the gameplay.

Cons: Boring Story, no horde mode, nothing to expand the gears franchise.

Necessary? No, this could've been a fantastic DLC for Gears of War 3, but as a full game it falls way short.

Square Enix was brave to reboot a beloved franchise like Tomb Raider. A game that since this gen, slowly got forgotten, due to some lackluster adventures. Some of my friend didn't even knew Tomb Raider, until this reboot got announced. Now talking about the game, this one has to be one of the greatest pleasures I've had to play this year. Here's why:

Pros: Polished combat, Intense pacing and set pieces, Modern game design (RPG elements).

Cons: So-so story, easy puzzles and multiplayer.

Necessary? Yes, they brought back Tomb Raider in a modern and polished way. New strong competitor in the action/adventure genre.

I'm almost sure that when this game was announced, everybody got excited. Until we heard Rocksteady wasn't behind this one. WB Montreal was in charge of developing the prequel to the Arkham series, they gave us a promising idea of what to expect. A young Batman, meeting for the first time some of the best assassin's, reunited to take him down. I was sincerely disappointed, here's why:

Pros: More Batman is always good, Creative boss battles.

Cons: Same story structure as Arkham City, no innovation in gadgets, falls short to the rest of the series.

Necessary: No, WB Montreal played it real safe. They almost left everything unchanged, instead of pushing the franchise forward, this one feels like a cash in, until Rocksteady announced their next game.

There you have it guys, Which prequels did you like? which one you didn't like?

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