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edwinjoe450 says:

How do you take decisions in games?

// Submitted @ 9:07 PM on 09.12.2013
This gen we had some really great games that leave you thinking if you made the right choice. Some of these games are: Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Spec Ops, Black ops 2, X Com Enemy Unknown,etc...

Every one of these games had some intense karma moments, should you leave in daylight when there less zombies or wait until night, should you kill everyone in a hostage camp or do I shoot with caution. We had a lot of games that let us influence the narrative or play them the way we want to play it. The Walking Dead was the one that really impressed me, I actually felt like a real *** in some of the decisions I made, and the game showed no mercy with the consequences.

In other games like Deus Ex or Dishonored, I usually avoided killing anyone, when on my playing the games I tried to see the situation from the enemies side. I didn't know why these people were defending the bad guys, maybe they were forced to work for the wrong side of the law, maybe they had a family to sustain and this was the only solution. These were the things I was thinking when playing these games, I mean, if the bad guy was doing this to start his own business he clearly didn't deserve to die.

In games like Mass Effect or Fallout it's unavoidable to take the renegade/bad karma path. In Mass Effect you feel completely bad ass, you can intimidate, punch, insult people or species. In Fallout, it's simply hilarious to go the bad karma way. You need a key from an NPC, and he gives a fetch quest, you can simply kill the guy and get the key, also it has VATS, you can't go wrong with slow mo kills.

But I'm really interested in how we gamers make decisions in games. Do you relate to the situation? Are you an evil clone of yourself? Are you usually a hero or a villain? Please leave a comment on how do you play these games. Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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