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Giving: An Illegal PS1 from my Dad

I remember it well, sitting in the lounge room with my family, gathered around the Christmas tree, excitedly opening presents. I had gotten good loot that Christmas, and was pretty happy with this years haul. I was yet to go ...


Look what I got!

! Got this on the same day I got Prototype, so it was a great day. Now the only problem is where to put it, the power cord is to short to put it where I originally wanted to. The games are: Aladdin Alex Kidd Alte...


What Nebones has been playing.

I haven't blogged in a while, and I know all of you have missed my high quality blogs, so I thought I'd tell you all what I've been slotting in my gaming consuls. Xbox 360 Fable 2 - (Spoilers I guess) I just finished this y...



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONES HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 18 today, and here in Australia, that's legal :] Now excuse me, I'm going to have sex with prostitutes and drink some beer!


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