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eastyy's blog

6:42 AM on 08.22.2015

Streetfighter V Beta impressions

    Played from 4pm till about 10 pmSo impressions are it does seem a little bit more beginner friendly, moves that would have been harder in SSF4 such as Light punch to medium punch links are easier here, not havin...   read

3:11 PM on 08.17.2015

Why Killer instinct may become my favorite fighting game ever

I am not that good at fighting games, i really try but the skill level is usually beyond me to give a example in games with challenge modes to do combos i can usually do around 50% of them though will take me a long time. I j...   read

10:00 AM on 07.12.2015

New Blazblue: Central Fiction game

As much as a i like the Blazblue game i think the amount of releases it is getting is a bit mad with the amount of versions, plus several versions had dlc characters. I  have a feeling that guilty gear xrd may go the same way.     read

7:09 AM on 06.08.2015

I am really hoping Steams new refund policy puts a end to buggy broken games at

So if you bought the game that is a broken buggy mess you can claim a refund. And i really hope that pushes developers to stop releasing games in this state.I know some developers have expressed concerns with comments su...   read

1:24 PM on 07.22.2014

Will the crowd funding bubble burst ?

I am still a big user of crowdfunding sites i have donated to a fair few games so far. From skull girls and grim dawn up to the more recent beasts fury. I think crowd funding has its place and thankfully i have not been burn...   read

9:05 AM on 12.17.2013

How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day opinon and a sign of things to come ?

So got this today and it is ok funny in places but its very very short  think it took me less then 20 min to beat and there is only one main mission and one side mission did have a pretty good loot drop at the end though .It ...   read

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