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8:21 AM on 10.01.2015 publishers selling stuff in the uk beware


6:42 AM on 08.22.2015

Streetfighter V Beta impressions


Played from 4pm till about 10 pm

So impressions are it does seem a little bit more beginner friendly, moves that would have been harder in SSF4 such as Light punch to medium punch links are easier here, not having a Focus cancel makes the game feel a little less combo heavy but there are some fancy stuff you can do when it comes to the v skills which differ for each character. Damage output seems really high and feels much more back to Super street fighter 2 turbo, if you miss a move you can get punished really badly

Graphics i really like every things seems to have much more of a feeling of impact i love the little touches such as when your character animates when blocking a attack and the animation on the whole looks great and even though it is all unfinished i do like the look of the game.

As far as the roster goes

Ryu was my most played character as i had played as him in previous games a fair amount and seemed to have very easy damaging combos to do and his V skill was really good

Nash. has potential and is motion based moves made things easier i could do a lot of neat fancy stuff in training mode but for some reason just had a real issue pulling it off online and i really think he needs a decent wake up move also i really think with his V skill he should get two teleports instead of one

Cammy having played her more was starting to find more options though do wish she had more moves to set opponents up for a juggle. But her v skill is pretty good and can set up juggles into a super.

Chun li having a motion for hundred foot kick i like but her fireball and spinning bird kick are charged based ..again not a fan of charge based characters  and it does feel with her and bison that the charging time is longer i could be wrong though but playing people who are good with her she has some great set ups and her v skill is pretty deadly.

Bison again as above i really could not gel with him but seen some players doing a lot of pressure with him and his super caught me off guard many times.

Birdie. The surprise for me the only character i used where i actually got a perfect against a opponent combo wise pretty limited but they do a lot of damage and he has some great moves for getting past fireballs and catching jumping opponents.

I reckon today about 80% of the matches the online quality was fair to good but for some reason the bad 20% i could say were nearly all in the last couple of hours of the beta.  I have to say even in its early stage i do prefer it to Streetfighter 4 and all its iterations the combat just feels more satisfying and the characters i played all have potential though again if they would make all characters motion based or reduced the charging times then i would enjoy playing all the characters.

3:11 PM on 08.17.2015

Why Killer instinct may become my favorite fighting game ever

I am not that good at fighting games, i really try but the skill level is usually beyond me to give a example in games with challenge modes to do combos i can usually do around 50% of them though will take me a long time. I just find many have insane input requirement such as one frame links or some really strict timings. And when i get online i get wiped the floor with and often will be a case where once i get hit then bam most of my energy bar is gone.

I was a huge fan of killer instinct 1 and 2 when i was growing up i would bunk off college to play them down the arcades, getting the combos was addictive but will admit it was very clunky.  But then in 2013 we got killer instinct for the xbox one and i was hype. Over the past two years it has changed and grown it is now a far more complete game then before but with season 3 announced i am hoping when that is released it takes the crown as my favorite fighting game which it almost already is for reasons i hope i can explain.

With killer instinct i feel it is more about the mind game rather then the strict execution (which is there if needed ). Combos can be broken by combo breakers and combo breakers can be countered with counter breakers so you really have to see your opponents patterns see what combos they do when they break yours and try and bait them to do what you want them to do. And it does feel you have the tools needed to get through everything if someone tries to keep you away with fireballs you usually have a move to get past that. For a example yesterday i fought a glacius who kept doing a light attacks in the first round and kept breaking my medium and heavy attacks so when i got to the second round i varied it up as i learned what he was doing and then broke him a lot and did light attacks and managed to win.

I just feel it needs more content and balancing and once the game has enough i feel it could be my favorite fighing game ever.......though killer instinct 1 and 2 and the xbox one has my fav soundtracks.

Here are my top 10 




10:00 AM on 07.12.2015

New Blazblue: Central Fiction game

As much as a i like the Blazblue game i think the amount of releases it is getting is a bit mad with the amount of versions, plus several versions had dlc characters. I  have a feeling that guilty gear xrd may go the same way.



7:09 AM on 06.08.2015

I am really hoping Steams new refund policy puts a end to buggy broken games at

So if you bought the game that is a broken buggy mess you can claim a refund. And i really hope that pushes developers to stop releasing games in this state.

I know some developers have expressed concerns with comments such as the game can be completed in two hours. But my argument would be if the game is priced appropriately then people would probably not want to refund that. But if the price is pretty high and you offer no replay value then i cannot blame a consumer for feeling a bit cheated.

I often see on websites and developers the phrase quality over quantity but you can have both. take my fav shooter of the last few years crimzon clover it is a short game (less then a hour to complete) but i have put 9 hours into it as it has unlocks and encourages replay.

But in the end it is better for the consumer and i hope we get better quality games as a result.


1:24 PM on 07.22.2014

Will the crowd funding bubble burst ?

I am still a big user of crowdfunding sites i have donated to a fair few games so far. From skull girls and grim dawn up to the more recent beasts fury.

I think crowd funding has its place and thankfully i have not been burned as of yet but recently came across a kickstarter and i have heard a few things that did concern me besides the rumors that the team took people off there previous still in development successful kickstarter called confederate express to work on the new game (and no updates till fairly recently to address the rumors) the developer had a interview and there was one thing which they said which did concern me.

Knuckle Club is completely funded by Kilobite, we are using Kickstarter strictly for market research and publicity purposes. If campaign funding fails, the game will be released regardless. We consider Kickstarter as a great way to follow the game early on at a reduced price, and it will definitely not affect whether the game is going to be released or not.

So it does seem like the kickstarter is just for publicity which i do not like i would rather crowdfunding be used to either make a game that either could not be made otherwise, to help with development of a game such as grim dawn which was being made in there part time so money was being used to speed up the development or perhaps funding had run out and so they need help to finish the game.

Now i think the game does look decent (though the amount of pixel art games that are getting released is pretty mad....i want HD art dammit) i am a bit more cautious when it comes to giving money and would never give a large amount.

Of course there have been high profile failures such as [font=arial, sans-serif]Yogventures and clang [/font]which seem to have been both inexperienced teams and of course because of the failure i doubt they will get funding ever again.

What i am thinking about is perhaps a youtube channel or a site which checks out new crowdfunding games and see if there is any potential pitfalls or higher then normal risks if anyone has got any ideas or story's about crowdfunding games either successful or unsuccessful i would love to know.   read

9:05 AM on 12.17.2013

How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day opinon and a sign of things to come ?

So got this today and it is ok funny in places but its very very short  think it took me less then 20 min to beat and there is only one main mission and one side mission did have a pretty good loot drop at the end though .It is less then 3 euro but still doubt i would recommend it unless you must have everything borderlands. 

Now the thing i am not to happy but i suspect this is ADDLC (already downloaded dlc ) as when i started downloading it it said over 1gb but 10 seconds later it was already done now in the previous torque head hunter when i downloaded that a few weeks ago and started playing in the fast travel the marcus fast track was there but of course could not go to it and then very quickly it was removed with a patch i really hope thats not a sign of things to come .

Borderlands 2 is one of my fav games this gen but i am not a fan of these quick dlcs as they just feel a bit half baked and i feel they should concentrate on the more substantial stuff and i am quite willing to pay for that.   read

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