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eTxZombie's blog

7:56 PM on 09.08.2011

Labor Day: Dodging a Minefield

This story starts not too far away, in a tme not so long ago. More precisely, it started in my living room about a month ago, when my computer decided to take a massive shit, or so I thought. I started having graphics issues...   read

7:44 AM on 09.01.2011

improvements: if i were in charge

I'm fairly new here at dtoid, but it has occured to me that, as awesome as this whole thing is, there is definitely room for improvements. It is my humble opinion that for dtoid to be a truely successful forum certain things ...   read

5:25 AM on 08.23.2011

Being social: or the death of your friends

Despite the shift in recent years of competitive and cooperative multiplayer gaming becoming an online only world, the social aspect of gaming has all but dwindled. Especially with the advent of Activision's Call of Duty Elit...   read

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