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BluDesign avatar 3:16 PM on 07.12.2007  (server time)
How DVDdesign finds his wacky action photos...

Let's say you need to comment on something, but pictures are meant to be worth 1,000's more Haloes than a word. So use a picture instead. Don't waste time on stupid shit like your opinion when you can post a picture of a fat girl eating tacos.

1. Relevance is key.

Say Snaileb makes a comment about the state of Jack Thompson's anus compared to Manhunt 2.

We all laugh at the comment, ingest it's relevance to talking about Rachet and Clank, and prepare to move on. But ho! You realized that your boss isn't looking into your cubicle, and that Google search box in your unmonitored company internet is calling for you like a dirty $5 whore.

You caress your keyboard lovingly and you type in "stupid album art" and hit enter.

A wealth of information washes over you.

Then you whip out your mouse to the link called "Images" and you thrust and heave your tiny mouse peni... POINTER! to the link an you click.

SAY WHAT? Flickr? But there's nothing funny about flickr in google images. Until you see this...

And you spot Niero's first solo album cover

And other assorted racist crap you know better than to post directly on the page.

And then you add in some BBCode and...


Now you've posted your horrible picture for all the world to see. And a day later, Google will cache your comment and stick your name next to it for all eternity, and just long enough to haunt you for your next two job interviews!

Congratulations! You posted a picture on D'Toid. Now repeat 100X a day.


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