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BluDesign avatar 11:13 AM on 11.05.2007  (server time)
Japan: A Blog pt 28 of 912

Well, it's Monday. I'm back, I have 12 days of adventures to tell you about. I figured I'd go ahead and drop dime on the most boring day of all. It was last Wednesday.

I traveled from Yamagata to Kyoto. I checked into my hotel room, gathered up my camera and started off of for the one destination I figured I'd have time to see before the sun set. I'll elaborate more on this later, but the sun sets in Japan at like 4:30 in the afternoon. It's really weird.

Anyway... I was headed to southern Kyoto. I had an appointment with an old friend who I was finally going to meet in person for the first time.

I headed down the Karasuma subway line, the main line that runs through Kyoto.
I got off at the Jujo street exit.

On the Karasuma line. No relation to Robert Summa, thank god.

I was told to take exit 2 to get to where I was going...

I climbed the stairs to emerge onto Jujo street.

I turned left from the exit and I was walking down this Jujo street noting all the cool looking signs and scenery...

No idea what this says, but it sure looks cool...

I turned left at this Pachinko parlor onto Shinmachi Dori.

So, I'm walking down this Shinmachi Dori street and minding my own business when I see this really weird looking building from behind a Karaoke parlor.

Shin Machi Dori

WTF is that thing...?

Upon closer inspection, I realized I had run into the building where my friend is located.


I rushed onward and ran to get more shots as I was chasing the sun at this point...

I went up to the front desk and asked if my buddy Shiggy was there. The night watchman, the dude from Urban Champion, told me that he'd already gone home for the day, but he invited me to take home a free Yen printing machine (It's the DS 2, and man is it awesome... 93 bit graphics, R4 based carts... You don't even have to touch the touch screen anymore, it's motion sensitive touching with a bluetooth stylus...}, since they already had too much money.

Then as I was leaving, I saw what Iwata and Shiggy have been doing with all that DS and Wii money they have floating around...

If you're gonna pimp, do it right... Solid fucking 24 carat gold

All in all, it was a pretty boring day, seeing as how I missed meeting my friend, and had nothing left to do that night. I went and had some gyudon, bought some used porn (yes, they have used porn), and drank heavily of the Chu-hi.

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