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BluDesign avatar 1:04 PM on 11.04.2007  (server time)
Japan: A Blog pt 26 of 912

Blog preview teases...

I've got about another 1200 pictures to upload to my flickr stream so it's random picture time...

Anyone care to guess the only place in the world where you'll find a volcano next to a pirate ship and a Mediterranean village?

The US Postal service uses an Eagle as their mascot.

What does Japan have? A box.

The red light district of a small village in northern Japan. There's smaller ones than this, so don't feel bad for them. 3 buildings worth is a lot for this far north...

My friend, Fenris, meager apartment home.

e-hobos are the next big thing.

Nothing sells a car the size of a Companion Cube like a dancing Japanese girl.

I'll buy 4 of whatever she's selling. No, 5.


I'm not blowing my whole Engrish wad this early. I swear. This wasn't even the best one I found.

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