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BluDesign avatar 1:57 PM on 10.09.2007  (server time)
Japan: A Blog part 18 of 912

To whet your appetite and get creative juices going for the contest, here's a partial run down of what my itinerary is going to be come next Friday.

Friday 19th - Fly out of Houston

14 hours of unmoving noon-ish daylight, sounds like fun!

Saturday 20th - Land in Tokyo, sit on trains for 4 more hours, drink and then sleep.

See you soon...

Sunday 21st - Sendai, shopping, jetlag sleep. 3pm in the afternoon is 5am to you here.

Closest thing I'm getting to a bed.

Monday 22nd - Kakunodate: Samurai Town. It's a remote village that was home to MANY Samurai. Samurai frequently lived in a town less than 20 miles from their local feudal lord's home and Kakunodate was actually a training ground for many a samurai.

Tuesday 23rd - An onsen and shopping.

'Cept in mine, there'll be manbewbs

Wednesday 24th - Tokyo Day Trip: Shopping for the contest, CBM, and sight seeing in Akihabara and Nakano.

no hints to the prizes here, bitches!

Thursday - I dunno.

Friday 26th - Free day in Tokyo for sightseeing. Watching Fenris register for marriage, I think...

Saturday 27th - Disney Sea

Sunday 28th - Harajuku and returning to Yamagata briefly.

What? You wanted girls with purple hair and SS uniforms? I totally missed the Rockabilly guys last time, ain't doin' that again.

Monday 29th - Don't know. Yamagata

Tuesday 30th - Kyoto bound. Big cool pictures to be taken on that day. VERY cool pictures.

Wed - Saturday - Kyoto and Osaka.

Saturday 3rd - Go back home, sad panda...

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