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BluDesign avatar 12:15 PM on 10.09.2007  (server time)
Japan: A Blog: A Contest part 17 of 912

Well, I said I'd do it and this is the it I'm doing.

The Japan clog contest.

Some of this... May be yours... *-Arm not included

As I've been posting these clogs over the last two months, I came to a few realizations the other day.

1. You people like these clogs.
2. I like doing them.
3. I'm going to Japan in 9 days.
4. I won't be clogging while I'm in Japan (maybe, but not likely, since I won't have my fabulous iMac with me.)

So, to prevent any sudden drop off in travel clogs about Japan while I'm away I'm proposing a contest.

I'm going to need clogs about Japan from you.

Everyone's seen the format for these clogs, they have a start, a finish, some jokes, some inappropriate suggestions, and several pictures. Everyone can submit one.

I would like you to clog about your fictional day in Japan. You can do anything you want to in your day, and you must abide by current rules in the clogs so far as content. There must be a minimum of two pictures in the post, which can be MS Paint'd or Photoshopped if you choose. A potential entry must have the title "Japan: A Blog part # of 912" The # must be higher than 100 and CAN be higher than 912.

There is a strict limit of ONE entry per person. Additionally, after you post your clog on Japan, you MUST EMAIL THE CLOG TO ME TO BE CONSIDERED FOR JUDGING!

My email address is (my dtoid username) (at)

I cannot stress that enough. If you do not email me a link to your clog, you will not be judged for content.

Rules: 1 entry per person, submitted clog to destructoid, entrant must email link for judging.

Dates: Now until October 31st. I'll be back on November 3rd and I'll pick a winner week after that.

Winning: All entries emailed to me will be judged and rounded up into a top five entries. The top five entries will be judged by a third party and they will declare a winner at that time.

Prizes: Approximately $30-40 worth of Junk from Japan. The winner will get a prize pack of assorted stuff I pick up in Japan. There's going to be a mix of stuff in here, all good, I promise. I've already seen a few of the things I'm planning on getting you goobs, and you'll enjoy it if I can locate it.

Very nostalgic to gamers.

So, enter now, enter later, whatever, I don't care. No one enters, I keep the prizes, so it works out well either way.

Remember, you have until October 31st to email me a link to your clog about your day in Japan. It needs to be fake. If I suspect you're actually telling me a real story about what happened to you in Japan, you will automatically be disqualified. There is no room for honesty and truth in this contest. It's bullshit all the way, babe-eh!

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