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BluDesign avatar 4:28 PM on 02.11.2008  (server time)
Fix my XBL Arcade games please!

This is from a real email I just sent out to some MS executive email addresses I found. Let's see if I hear back from anyone... I didn't want to have to be a dick about this, but sometimes pushing and shoving are the only way you can make people be accountable.


To: Microsoft Xbox Executives
Subj: 10 weeks to fix a problem that shouldn't have happened.

Dear Microsoft,

I'm aware that there's some time that will have to pass, and some understanding that Xbox 360 systems can and will fail. It took a blissfully short 2 weeks to get my Xbox back from a RRoD repair. (especially since this was at Christmas time...)

My problem is that all my Live Arcade games won't play unless I'm online. I do not always have this system connected to the internet, and that's not always an option for me to consider either. When it's online, I get to enjoy those services that my gold account offers, but when I'm not online, I should be entitled to the content that I paid for. Speaking specifically, I have approximately $120 in games that I've purchased over the life of my owning the Xbox 360 from the Xbox Live Arcade. When the console is online, these games work with no issues. But the second I unplug this game console from Ethernet, I'm no longer entitled to play any of the 20 or so games I've paid for before December 31st (when my new console came back from repair...)

I've spent hours on the phone with technical support to try and resolve this issue. I feel like I waste my time, MY TIME, on the phone waiting for you guys to help me resolve this issue.

I have spoken with no less than 5 people about this one single support issue.

I'm currently on 12 days into some bizarre 30 day waiting list for a call back at some random time. I'm expected to be able to answer the phone and be able to access my Xbox during the call back, which isn't likely since you guys like to call me during business hours.

I don't know what the purpose of this call back is, I just want my games to work offline.

I want the games to work offline ALL the time.

I'm sick of waiting.

I got this console back on December 31st from McAllen. I called Microsoft on December 31st to get a ball rolling on making my online games work offline again. It was a full 10 days before they submitted my claim and then from that point forward I was told it would be another 2 weeks before I would hear an answer from you guys. No one called 2 weeks later. I called again on January 30th and was told that from January 29th I would need to expect a call to come (when?) and suddenly my games would work again after some magic thing was done that takes some random amount of time to perform.

Here's my case number: #105XXXXXXX

I've redownloaded my licenses from Account Management. They still don't work. I'm willing to create a new Silver account.

I just want my games to work.

I'm posting this on as an effort to raise attention to the fact that despite promises of a working console, you guys are still failing to address this problem (this is the second time I've had a broken 360 and I had to go through this pain which took only 6 weeks in May.)

I want this fixed. Now.

Not in 30 days, not in 2 weeks, I want my games working offline now and forever. I paid for them, I'm entitled to the content whenever and wherever I choose on my console.

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