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BluDesign avatar 10:08 PM on 11.12.2007  (server time)
Cheapy D's Japan: A Blog pt 1 of 1

Shameless cross promotion, but I wanted to point out the Ebi Filet-o.

The one I saw was nasty looking and didn't seem as appealing as Cheapy makes it here.


The Ebi Filet-o has no Kingdom Hearts ad campaign associated with it, so don't ask

Instead of investigating the Shrimp burger or the pork sandwich, I looked deeper into this whole Mac concept. Where could they go from Big?


The MegaMac Meal

Take the Big Mac, and double the meat.

What's that going to mean to you? Nothin' really, that's all it is, try it yourself if you like tasting salt all day long and long for the taste of the "special sauce" (hint: the special sauce is rumored to come from the moppings of the floors of local porno theaters, so the taste varies by locale.

What's it look like to precariously stack 4 patties of meat into a MegaMac?

And here's the point where you realize that your burger is from McDonalds and that McDonalds is an extremely poor substitute for a real cheeseburger.


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