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I've been a gamer since my dad bought us an Atari 2600 when I was about 7 or 8. A few years later I got a PC and eventually my tendencies towards creating art joined with my new fascination for technology and the internet. Now here I am, chatting it up with fellow gamers.

I'm a Miyamoto fan so I love Zelda, Mario, and all that jazz. But I truly enjoy any game with an engaging story. Like God of War and Prince of Persia.

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So, with the recent announcement that WB and New Line have gone Blu-Ray only I gave buying PS3 serious thought last night. I drove over to Circuit City and came face to face with and 80GB PS3 (so I can still play GoW and SC3) with credit card in hand. Afterall, if Blu-Ray is going to end up the dominant movie format as it seems it will be then the PS3 is the best way to go since I can play games as well.

That got me thinking... Games! Of course! That's what I love about consoles anyway. So I walk over to the rack of PS3 titles and take a look. The first thing I notice is there aren't very many. And the few decent titles I see I already own for my 360. So what is there I can get that only my new PS3 can play? Heavenly Sword? Sure! I heard the cut scenes were excellent and the game wasn't terrible either. Ok, so what else... Lair... hmm... no thanks. Warhawk, I have fond memories of that game on PS1 so that's a possibility. What else... (I have a 2k limit that's absolutely melting the plastic in my hand) UT3?! Awesome! But wait... I have it for PC already. Then, nothing...

So I thought ok, what's coming that I can only play on PS3? Because, after all, if it's coming to 360 as well I'm getting it for that because I hunger for achievement points and most of my buddies are on LIVE. So, MGS4 is coming but then again I never cared for the franchise. Killzone 2? Meh, I have a bazillion shooters already and I've yet to see anything compelling about it. And so far as I'm concerned that's about it.

Now I'm thinking, "Wait a second, there are virtually no games for this thing. So, uh, what's the point?" Now, I'm depressed. Sure, I can play cool Blu-Ray movies with it but it's capable of so much more! It'd seem like such a waste. With my 360, I'm already using it as a movie player (have the HDDVD drive), media center to get music and anime off my PC. I rent movies from the marketplace, etc.

So basically, the PS3 purchase will end up being a 500 dollar movie player. Um no thanks. Maybe eventually when it's a lot cheaper but if that's all it's gonna be then it's a waste. So I just bought Soul Calibur Legends on Wii for my fiance (she loves all things Soul Calibur and kicks my ass in it) and called it a night.

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