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droobies avatar 11:48 AM on 09.03.2008  (server time)
PAX '08: This is for my homies.

I'd like to preface this blog by stating just how freakin' cool everyone is that came to PAX '08 by way of Destructoid. It just further solidifies Destructoid as THE gaming blog with THE best community. I want to put my balls on all of you.

Picture time get! NAOW!

Serious Dyson digs the robot.

Amtrak knows the robot is everywhere (especially the bar).

Awesome Rio and Awesome Rio's Awesome Mom.

Wardrox reps 'dem PSTriples (it's written on his knuckles if the image is too small). Also, don't read his blog.

Wardrox's mohawk gets an upgrade.

Dan Paladin drinks white russians, just like The Dude.

And they will know us by the trail of empties.

Brad Bonbelmo

Asian Joe will sex you up.

Told you.

-D- points a lot, but in a very sexy way.

Spot the "Breeder".


"Shoe on head" spotted at Nordstroms.

I can honestly say that I was having too much fun to snap more pictures. I've got so many great pictures in my head, the digital camera didn't seem so necessary.

Onto obligatory part of the blog where I toss shout-outs.

Dyson - Here's to Disco Naps and growing old but never growing up. Marry me... to Amber. Always glad to be a Beatle, no matter the number.
Chad - Even more amazing in person. Chad: "I love droobies, he's my favorite." Me: "Did you guys just hear that!"
.Tiff - Great to see you again. Amber and I will have to make it out to Cali sometime to take you up on that drunken invitation.
Colette - Wonderful to see you, as always. You possess the looks of an angel with the mouth of a sailor. Every other word out of Amber's mouth when we were around you was "She's so fucking awesome!"
Topher - You were at PAX? Just kidding, hope you had a good time, and it was nice to see you again. I don't want to wait another year to just shake your hand, there better be some serious drinking involved next time.
Samit - looks like Tiger Woods.
Nick - his wife makes the best Powerpoint presentations
Hamza - has more body hair than Dyson and me combined. Also, sharks.
Husky - Amazing to finally meet you! Had a blast at the bar.
Dale - put on the best invisible performance I've ever seen at a concert.
Conrad - is better at drunken billiards than me, also cool and the only guy that can rock a beret that isn't in the armed forces.
Niero - Thanks again for creating an amazing place for all of us. Thanks for making me blush at the Dtoid Panel too.

Tazar - has a pedo-stache that tickles me when I kiss him.
Riser - has learned to control his drinking since Cincinnati.
FooLiz - coolest thing to come out of Australia since AC/DC (Amber wants to touch you more).
Asian Joe - knows how to use a "Do not disturb" hanger. I do not.
Butmac - can charm anyone with a smile, or clever video.
-D- - is the master of the point and wink.
Keener - has seen things I only wish I had. Also quite possibly the only straight man I'd ever consider being gay with.
DVDdesign - will one day go on to base a religion upon dark chocolate. Also, baconsalt.
Ceark - did something on Kung Fu Panda.
Tactix - respects the power of fedoras.
Knives - wears a shirt with his name on it.
Wardrox - will make out with you if you let him. Still not reading his blog.
Pheonix Blood - will grab your ass if you let her. I did.
Coonskin - knows that a media pass and a blazer over a funny shirt will get you ANYTHING.
Big Poppa - also better at drunken billiards than I am.
Nademagnet - thinks he's better at drunken billiards than I am.
Connor - has the most epic beard outside of Kentucky.
Macca - the coolest thing to come out of New Zealand since Peter Jackson.
King3vbo - is owed more time from me next chance I get.
Rio - is still spending too much money on really cool stuff.
Rio's Mom - is still supporting her daughter spending way too much on really cool stuff.
Ghost - will forever be held up in customs regarding his job.
Nintendoll - cannot hold her alcohol.
Nia & Zero - yet more proof that love can bloom in the land of Nerddom. Good luck!
Kriptinite - smokes menthols and knows how to bop.
Duffy & Liz - wishes Amber and I were there on Saturday night. Raincheck?
Phist - keeps track of owing people for over a year, and will buy you a drink. Amazing and generous!
Superflossy - is singlehandedly keeping me subscribed to Entertainment Weekly.
Dexter - is like 5 feet of pure muscle and win.
Lost Criton - looks like Sideshow Bob and John Goodman had a baby. Will also wear short shorts for Dtoid. The only person with less shame than me. Seriously cool.
Necros - is flame retardant.
Itemforty - needs to go golfing with me.
Blehman - also has epic beard.
Hoygeit - Hard to pronounce name, easy to be awesome.
Suff0cat - smart enough to save the sharpie for his face, not his balls.

To anyone I may have, and likely did, forget - thanks for making it out to add to all the fun that everyone had. Here's to attending PAX '09... I can has Destruct-o-con plz?

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