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droobies avatar 1:47 PM on 04.24.2008  (server time)
Hooray for Retro!: My Gaming Setup


Most of you that frequent Stickam have likely seen portions of my gaming rig from time to time. Some have seen or heard about my finds on my weekly retro game hunting adventures. I'm pleased to have finally gotten the time to get everything somewhat setup now that I'm basically moved into my new place, aside from my carpet being older than the 2600 you'll see pictured.

This is the wide shot of everything. You can catch a glimpse of the Rock Band drums to the left, and a couple of canvas baskets that hold misc. controllers, connectors, headsets, and other random crap.

My Rock Band drums, let me show you them. Also pictured is the subwoofer of my 5.1 system, a flipcase filled with DVDs (about 70% of my collection) and the mic for Rock Band.

This would be the area with the 360 and battery charger, Wii and Wiimote charger, cheap-o 5.1 surround sound receiver (next big upgrade... some day), 5 disc carousel DVD changer, and some of my 360 stuff. Love the Hori 360 controller with the amazing D-Pad, and Amber's pink controller.

The TV is an old Philips 30" widescreen 720p/1080i set. It's a tube TV and weighs a metric fuckton. Take special note of the coax switch box for when we want cable TV and when we want Atari 2600. Above are where I hang my wired and wireless Rock Band guitars.

Here we have the first two shelves of retro(ish) consoles. NES, SNES (revision 2), N64, Genesis 2 w/ 32X, Dreamcast, and a Slim PS2. Misc. controllers, arcade pads, etc. as well. The CD case between the TV and bookcase is where I keep all the disc-based games.

Here's where the switch box for most of the consoles is located, as well as the 2600 + controllers. Above are around 50+ NES and 50 SNES games. The Goomba was a handmade gift from Charlie and [Blank] from PAX '07 and the Mario Plushie was a gift from Phist from PAX '07.

Here's a crapload of 2600 carts, a smattering of N64 games, a few choice Genesis and 32X titles, and a few of my boxed games. Above that is the cable modem, router, and some mushroom tins that had horrible candy in them, my punching Optimus Prime, my Big Daddy, and the Orange Knight from Castle Crashers that AngelsDontBurn gave me as a gift at PAX '07.

Here we have a closer shot of the baskets with random odds and ends in them. Nothing too special here.

Finally I have two gaming chairs that Amber and I picked up at Target on the cheap. They're pretty damn comfy for long gaming sessions, and they also make amazing sexual entertainment apparatus. I'll make sure to wipe them down for the NARP I've got planned... or not, if you're into that sort of thing (Tazar).

And there you have it, my collection of stuff. Thanks for taking a look around.

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