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7:52 AM on 09.30.2008

Quickblog: Dtoid Knows the Future.

Awoke to see this as my random title this morning.

That is all.   read

11:48 AM on 09.03.2008

PAX '08: This is for my homies.

I'd like to preface this blog by stating just how freakin' cool everyone is that came to PAX '08 by way of Destructoid. It just further solidifies Destructoid as THE gaming blog with THE best community. I want to put my balls on all of you.

Picture time get! NAOW!

Serious Dyson digs the robot.

Amtrak knows the robot is everywhere (especially the bar).

Awesome Rio and Awesome Rio's Awesome Mom.

Wardrox reps 'dem PSTriples (it's written on his knuckles if the image is too small). Also, don't read his blog.

Wardrox's mohawk gets an upgrade.

Dan Paladin drinks white russians, just like The Dude.

And they will know us by the trail of empties.

Brad Bonbelmo

Asian Joe will sex you up.

Told you.

-D- points a lot, but in a very sexy way.

Spot the "Breeder".


"Shoe on head" spotted at Nordstroms.

I can honestly say that I was having too much fun to snap more pictures. I've got so many great pictures in my head, the digital camera didn't seem so necessary.

Onto obligatory part of the blog where I toss shout-outs.

Dyson - Here's to Disco Naps and growing old but never growing up. Marry me... to Amber. Always glad to be a Beatle, no matter the number.
Chad - Even more amazing in person. Chad: "I love droobies, he's my favorite." Me: "Did you guys just hear that!"
.Tiff - Great to see you again. Amber and I will have to make it out to Cali sometime to take you up on that drunken invitation.
Colette - Wonderful to see you, as always. You possess the looks of an angel with the mouth of a sailor. Every other word out of Amber's mouth when we were around you was "She's so fucking awesome!"
Topher - You were at PAX? Just kidding, hope you had a good time, and it was nice to see you again. I don't want to wait another year to just shake your hand, there better be some serious drinking involved next time.
Samit - looks like Tiger Woods.
Nick - his wife makes the best Powerpoint presentations
Hamza - has more body hair than Dyson and me combined. Also, sharks.
Husky - Amazing to finally meet you! Had a blast at the bar.
Dale - put on the best invisible performance I've ever seen at a concert.
Conrad - is better at drunken billiards than me, also cool and the only guy that can rock a beret that isn't in the armed forces.
Niero - Thanks again for creating an amazing place for all of us. Thanks for making me blush at the Dtoid Panel too.

Tazar - has a pedo-stache that tickles me when I kiss him.
Riser - has learned to control his drinking since Cincinnati.
FooLiz - coolest thing to come out of Australia since AC/DC (Amber wants to touch you more).
Asian Joe - knows how to use a "Do not disturb" hanger. I do not.
Butmac - can charm anyone with a smile, or clever video.
-D- - is the master of the point and wink.
Keener - has seen things I only wish I had. Also quite possibly the only straight man I'd ever consider being gay with.
DVDdesign - will one day go on to base a religion upon dark chocolate. Also, baconsalt.
Ceark - did something on Kung Fu Panda.
Tactix - respects the power of fedoras.
Knives - wears a shirt with his name on it.
Wardrox - will make out with you if you let him. Still not reading his blog.
Pheonix Blood - will grab your ass if you let her. I did.
Coonskin - knows that a media pass and a blazer over a funny shirt will get you ANYTHING.
Big Poppa - also better at drunken billiards than I am.
Nademagnet - thinks he's better at drunken billiards than I am.
Connor - has the most epic beard outside of Kentucky.
Macca - the coolest thing to come out of New Zealand since Peter Jackson.
King3vbo - is owed more time from me next chance I get.
Rio - is still spending too much money on really cool stuff.
Rio's Mom - is still supporting her daughter spending way too much on really cool stuff.
Ghost - will forever be held up in customs regarding his job.
Nintendoll - cannot hold her alcohol.
Nia & Zero - yet more proof that love can bloom in the land of Nerddom. Good luck!
Kriptinite - smokes menthols and knows how to bop.
Duffy & Liz - wishes Amber and I were there on Saturday night. Raincheck?
Phist - keeps track of owing people for over a year, and will buy you a drink. Amazing and generous!
Superflossy - is singlehandedly keeping me subscribed to Entertainment Weekly.
Dexter - is like 5 feet of pure muscle and win.
Lost Criton - looks like Sideshow Bob and John Goodman had a baby. Will also wear short shorts for Dtoid. The only person with less shame than me. Seriously cool.
Necros - is flame retardant.
Itemforty - needs to go golfing with me.
Blehman - also has epic beard.
Hoygeit - Hard to pronounce name, easy to be awesome.
Suff0cat - smart enough to save the sharpie for his face, not his balls.

To anyone I may have, and likely did, forget - thanks for making it out to add to all the fun that everyone had. Here's to attending PAX '09... I can has Destruct-o-con plz?   read

2:40 PM on 06.03.2008

CINCI MEGA-NARP... Yep, another one.

I'd like to preface this post by saying thanks to all the people and companies that helped make this NARP possible, as well as putting in the time to really care about all those in attendance. Ron, thanks for the call as we were heading back home, it meant a lot and I'm sure you'll think to yourself "fag", but it made the final couple hours on the road much easier knowing that you were thinking of a carload of people you'd only just met a few days earlier. Joe, thanks for giving some people that were really road-weary a place to chill before the hotel would take us. It was pretty badass hanging out with everyone and I'm totally jealous of your fucking TV. Nino, thanks for all the hookups throughout the weekend on everything, and you're the fucking man for having a good time with a bunch of game nerds you've never met in your life. We'll have to do beer bongs again very soon. Hope you liked the cigar. Miguel, you're my Spanish brother from a different mother. It was amazing having you in my home and in the car constantly cracking me the fuck up. Indiana Downs? Subzero is a queer? HEY GIRL!? Ripping farts in a pirate ship and laughing uncontrollably and sleepy talk. I can't wait for PAX. Rio, you have an insane basement that feels like walking into the coolest damn comic book/toy shop/game store in the entire world. I only wish I could have taken a pirate shit in your pirate ship. Tell your mom thanks again for the hospitality and getting us pizza that gave me and Miguel bubbleguts that made us laugh our asses off. I hope you never find his ninja fart landmine. Andrew, thanks for helping DJ and keeping my ass awake on the road. I can't wait for PAX so we can slay more orcs and become sword masters together. I'll constantly be throwing up metal hands in your honor. We NEED to play more Rock Band together very soon. Tazar, you're even more amazing in person than online. I hope you had an amazing birthday. Treasure my special presents to you forever, except for the cock-shaped rainbow candy... I hope you've already chugged that down like a good little Vietnamese prostitute. I want to make love to your mouth. Riser, it was great meeting you. Take it easy on the booze next time so Ron won't take advantage of you. Remember to keep putting out the vibe when we throw these parties. You also had the most "win" of all tshirts at the whole event. Puppet, SteamyV, Phist, Pedro and everyone else that put time into making the event great, thanks a bunch. I hope we all thank you in one way or another for missing out on parts of the party to actually make it run somewhat smoothly. Great job to you all. Guitar Atomic and Cosbytron, thanks for putting on a couple of badass shows that kept us all singing along and entertained. You guys both rock fucking hard and I'll be looking forward to your music in the future. Zserv, it disturbs me how much you wanted to see me naked. Calvin... pink hats and gay raves forever. It was great to finally meet you. I'll have to get Rio to make me a little pink hat for my "canvas". Petie, Samit, and the rest of the NYC-area travelers, thanks for coming out and helping to make this event so epic. Samit, we can talk sports anytime. Petie, thanks for showing me the guido fist pump IRL. Chee, you're cool as hell, even if you wear girl pants. It was great to have you hang out with us when you did. I hope you didn't catch any STDs from close encounters. Itemforty, Big Poppa Gamer, Coonskin, Blehman, Pangloss and the rest of the Texas Road Trip crew (sorry if I forgot anyone): You all were amazing people and I had a blast looking around for Cigars with you all. Coonskin is a gentle giant of a drunk that likes to touch people and break pre-broken chairs. Nihon, Lark and the rest of the northern-bound travelers, thanks for coming out and it was a pleasure meeting you or seeing you again. Hope to see you guys at PAX or another Dtoid NARP. Grim, you're too damn quiet. Keener, happy birthday to you too, bro. We need more cigars and more stickam. Hope to see you at the next gathering (PAX?). Joseph, Nathan, and Andrea, you're all great people. Thanks for making the trip up. Hope to see you guys at PAX this August. Everyone else: I'm sorry that I forgot you by name/screen name, but thanks for coming out and contributing to the best damn NARP for the best damn gaming community ever. Each and every one of you help make Dtoid the great place that it is. I think it's safe to say that both Friday and Saturday was a blast, and the things that didn't go as great as planned will be lessons to learn from that will make future NARPs even better. I feel very priviledged to be a member of this great community, and thanks to all the staff that helps keep it all going. Now, a few more amazing pictures.   read

1:47 PM on 04.24.2008

Hooray for Retro!: My Gaming Setup


Most of you that frequent Stickam have likely seen portions of my gaming rig from time to time. Some have seen or heard about my finds on my weekly retro game hunting adventures. I'm pleased to have finally gotten the time to get everything somewhat setup now that I'm basically moved into my new place, aside from my carpet being older than the 2600 you'll see pictured.

This is the wide shot of everything. You can catch a glimpse of the Rock Band drums to the left, and a couple of canvas baskets that hold misc. controllers, connectors, headsets, and other random crap.

My Rock Band drums, let me show you them. Also pictured is the subwoofer of my 5.1 system, a flipcase filled with DVDs (about 70% of my collection) and the mic for Rock Band.

This would be the area with the 360 and battery charger, Wii and Wiimote charger, cheap-o 5.1 surround sound receiver (next big upgrade... some day), 5 disc carousel DVD changer, and some of my 360 stuff. Love the Hori 360 controller with the amazing D-Pad, and Amber's pink controller.

The TV is an old Philips 30" widescreen 720p/1080i set. It's a tube TV and weighs a metric fuckton. Take special note of the coax switch box for when we want cable TV and when we want Atari 2600. Above are where I hang my wired and wireless Rock Band guitars.

Here we have the first two shelves of retro(ish) consoles. NES, SNES (revision 2), N64, Genesis 2 w/ 32X, Dreamcast, and a Slim PS2. Misc. controllers, arcade pads, etc. as well. The CD case between the TV and bookcase is where I keep all the disc-based games.

Here's where the switch box for most of the consoles is located, as well as the 2600 + controllers. Above are around 50+ NES and 50 SNES games. The Goomba was a handmade gift from Charlie and [Blank] from PAX '07 and the Mario Plushie was a gift from Phist from PAX '07.

Here's a crapload of 2600 carts, a smattering of N64 games, a few choice Genesis and 32X titles, and a few of my boxed games. Above that is the cable modem, router, and some mushroom tins that had horrible candy in them, my punching Optimus Prime, my Big Daddy, and the Orange Knight from Castle Crashers that AngelsDontBurn gave me as a gift at PAX '07.

Here we have a closer shot of the baskets with random odds and ends in them. Nothing too special here.

Finally I have two gaming chairs that Amber and I picked up at Target on the cheap. They're pretty damn comfy for long gaming sessions, and they also make amazing sexual entertainment apparatus. I'll make sure to wipe them down for the NARP I've got planned... or not, if you're into that sort of thing (Tazar).

And there you have it, my collection of stuff. Thanks for taking a look around.   read

9:50 PM on 04.07.2008

Witchrolled (NVGR)



Likely very old, but totally laughed my balls off while watching.

Pro Tip: Self-censoring during a Caucasian rap is the best kind of self-censoring.

(Special thanks to Suff0catingsight for coming up with "Witchrolled".)   read

6:32 PM on 08.29.2007

PAX '07: So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Okay, so I originally planned this whole thing out in my head to play like a slide show with some cheesy music like "Good Riddance (Time of your Life)" by Greenday, but then I realized that would be horrible, and so I'm just going to write up my feelings and impressions on (hopefully) everyone I met at PAX. I know the site has been bombarded by our PAX ramblings as of late, but maybe this will give all of you a little bit of insight on not just the insanity that occurred over the near-week that many of us spent in Seattle, but also a little bit of humanity behind all those screen names you may or may not see on a regular basis.

Dtoid Staff:

Niero: I didn't get enough chances to really talk with you, but a few handshakes and hugs was good enough. I really hoped that I conveyed how amazing it is that you've been able to bring this many people together under a common flag of loving videogames and knowing how to have fun, with style. Thanks for letting me see what it's like from the perspective of Mr. Destructoid's metal visage. You're so cool that you can wear sandals in the snow. Waiting outside with us at Gameworks really shows how much you care about your readership.

Colette: Even more cooler in person than you are on all the podcasts. You really showed how generous and thoughtful you are in regards to those of us that read Dtoid with a fervent passion. Thanks for trying to get us into Gameworks on Saturday a bit early, even if it didn't pan out. I hope your pillow-dog survived Ted's rape trap.

Nex: Had a great time on Sunday at the Econolodge talking with you. Good to see you open up a bit and mix with us lowly commonfolk ;). Keep up the great work on Podtoid and 3AM editorials. I understand you have a good hookup on top-loading NES consoles...

Orcist: You suck at Tekken 5. Just kidding, you gave me a run for my money and likely the closest matches I've experienced the entire time I was playing that damn game. Had good times on Sunday as well. Remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

CTZ: Sorry you couldn't sleep in my room, hope you understand. Get a fucking mic already when you get into stickam. You've been gifted with the facial expressions of Marcel Marceau, use them to your advantage. Cereally though, you were a ton of fun to hang out with the entire time, even if we had to scramble to edit some naughty bits out of Cblogs at 2AM. BATMENG!

Furniss: Didn't get to chat with you, but you have impeccable taste in velvet blazers.

Dale North: Didn't talk to you much, but your band kicks ass, and you're still the number one contender for the title of best Asian Brian McKnight.

.tiff: We never got the chance to sell your bottled cuteness behind any dumpsters, but you're still one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Epic times were had on Saturday, but I only wish you could have stuck around on Sunday with us all at the Econolodge. It was definitely 'Ontinental. It truley was a pleasure to finally meet you without a pillow on your head. Thanks for all the hugs and interesting pictures with Mandi. Oh yeah, awesome pics taken all around, but thanks especially for the candids shot of Mandi and me in the lobby... so cute!

Dyson: You truly are my brother from a different mother. The lengths that you went to to even show up for one day was truly amazing. Thanks so much for all the school girl giddyness after you got your gift. I can't think of anyone more deserving. Pink Godzilla was full of win and awesome, as was Saturday night. I'm sorry you're a Scorpio, us Libra's can only do so much to help out those of you with birthdays in the latter half of October. Mandi pointed out that we even have similar watches. Springing epic rape traps bred hilarity, as did our chest "hair-off" pictures. My most sincere thanks for letting me be on the podcast. Hopefully Skype will stop sucking ass for me and I'll be able to give the bucket back to Topher. I'll need to put you on speed dial from now on whenever I venture out to pawn shops, rummage sales, thrift stores, and retro gaming places. I hope you find a cure for your yellow fever that isn't just more cowbell.

Tristero: Congrats!!!! I can't think of anyone more deserving of an official editor's position with Dtoid. Not only are you one of the kindest people I've ever met, you completely offset that with one of the most hilarious hobbies I've ever seen. I had great times from the moment my plane touched the tarmack in Seattle. Thanks for staying with us on Sunday and I hope to see more pictures of you and your hobby really soon, and never lose that blanket, Linus.

Topher: SLURPEE!!!! For reals though, you are the coolest motherfucker I know over 6'. So glad to finally meet you face to face and not just through stickam or gtalk. You should own stock in Guiness if they're publicly traded in the states. Great times had sitting next to each other on the vintage arcade cabs, even if the controls were ass. You were the member of Econocrew that just happened to only stay there one day. Thanks for helping get me on the podcast and throwing me a few bones when I couldn't get a word in edgewise. The conversations we had at PAX only solidified how fucking truly cool you are from previous conversations on the innernets. You are a gentleman and a game/art scholar, even without any official papers. Thanks for covering for me and Mandi when we bounced out on Sunday. I knew if anyone would understand, it'd be you. Now that I'm back home, you'll have to pour out a little bit of Full Throttle Slurpee for me whenever you get the opportunity.

Chad & Rev: I wish you both could have made it to PAX. Thanks for putting up with me on the podcast Sunday night. Chad, I only hope I did you justice with all the "Chad Faces" I made in all the pictures taken. It was a pleasure talking with you both before, during, and after the show. Thanks.

Ron: It really sucked that you weren't there to partake in all the fun and debauchery we had. In the end, real life does indeed trump things of this nature. I only hope that all is well and as back to normal as things can be in your life. The letter that Niero read to us all was both poignant and hilarious at the same time. Thank you so much for helping form this incredible community of people. I look forward to seeing you at the anniversary party, whether it be in Miami or Los Angeles.

Sheraton Crew:

Mac, Dopefish, and "Mike": You guys give me faith that Canada is actually a cool place to live, other than that creepy bagged milk thing. Hope you guys keep Mac in line when he drinks too much. Glad you guys made it down for PAX.

Lark & Sarah: You make better videos than Puppet. Didn't really get a chance to talk to either of you that much, and for that, I apologize. I did remember the ibuprofen though, so bonus points to me there. Hope you both made it home safely. Lark, don't try to steal my prizes :P.

Uber: You should be studied by scientists on the effects of caffeine on the human body. Good to finally see you in person and not just on stickam... all the time! Hope you liked your Jolt drank that I flew from half way across the country.

Puppet: You're only a dick on the internet. Didn't get to really hang out or talk much, but I think Lauren is a pretty lucky girl, even if she does want to hump everything that's put in front of her. I guess that makes you the lucky one, right?

Lauren: So fucking epic to finally meet you. You've got enough energy to power a small country on a daily basis. Thanks for all teh secks and hugs. I hope you got enough time with your man to break him in proper. I never got to see your "swimming costume", only your panties. You need to record yourself saying "water" and "aluminum" for all of us yanks that were at PAX. It was heartbreaking and sweet to see you cry when we all left. Hopefully you'll be back in America soon.

Ted: I can't believe that more people on this earth actually call you by that name instead of your real name. Thanks for getting me on Treasurebox, even if I did suck ass. Regardless, the prizes are going back to the community, so that accounts for something, right? There are few people in this world that can pull off an afro, plaid shorts, slip on boat shoes, and a blazer. You're one of those few. You were so damn funny the entire time, thanks for all the laughs. Also, thanks to you, most of us now have a new catchphrase: "It's that same nigguh mang!"

Charlie: I fucking hate you! Just kidding. Thanks for the Goomba (and thanks to Blank, too) and all the good conversation. You are a honorary member of the Econocrew. Glad you had a good time with us on Sunday. Thanks for being there for Mandi when I was on the plane. You truly are a stand-up guy, and all the work you put into taking all those pictures just proves that. I can't believe you took over a thousand of them. I'll wear my sexy red turtleneck for you any time.

Honorable Mentions:

King, Toneman, Dex, Mole, and other PAX attendees: I know I didn't get a chance to talk with you that much, but thanks so much for coming out and helping represent the best damn video game community on the planet. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Flynn: Thanks for knowing what the fuck Gama-Go is.

Summa: Thanks for making the Gametrailers Party at the War Room uncomfortable.


Phist: I'm sorry that the airlines hate your wide-screen vision ass. Glad you finally made it in when you did. PAX wouldn't have been the same without you. Your generosity with gifts and such was simply outstanding. Sorry you encountered so many problems while you were there. I think karma will find its way back to you in spades very shortly, however. Thanks for teaching us all how to play real life Frogger when it came to crossing all those streets. We'll have to eat Bahn Mi again very soon. You did a great job looking out for all of us and keeping us organized when chaos seemed to be the controlling factor in most of our larger gatherings. Good on ya, kid. My Mario plush now sits comfortably between my Big Daddy and Orange Castle Crasher figure atop my TV.

AngelsDontBurn: MY POCKET SPANIARD!!! I can't believe all the crazy shit we went through from booking the hotels to checking out the rooms. You kept me laughing nearly the entire time we were there. I knew if I had to get ahold of anyone the entire time I was there, you were ready to bring out the epic phone from its holster. Thanks so much for the gift, it really meant a lot. Even if you are violent with your buttsecks, and I really wish we would have spooned, you're one of the nicest and most generous people I think I've ever met in my entire life. It was great when we were all delirious from the flight in and none of us were making sense, just waiting for Phist to finally get in from the airport. You can do your crazy burps whenever you like. Next time you ever feel like visiting Kansas, I'll send a mutant seagull your way. Thanks again, Miguel, you really are an awesome friend.

Mid3vol: I know that Puppet and Lauren were supposed to be the "it" internet couple of the event, but I know we gave them a run for their money. From the moment you surprised me at the airport when I arrived, to the moment you cried when I was leaving that Sunday morning, and the subsequent painful departure of watching you walk away as I waiting in line at the security gates, you really showed me a time I haven't experienced in far too long. I'm a changed person for having met you and I only hope the small bits of generosity I could contribute to your life during our time spent together can measure up in the least bit to how you made me feel when I was around you. Thank you, Mandi. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. PAX was merely a means to getting to see all of these wonderful people, and you walked away with my affection. I love you baby, and I hope to see you in Kansas very soon.

Finally, to everyone that couldn't make this year's event: Plan ahead for the next big Dtoid gathering. Save money, work hard, and save those vacation days. I can promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Fuck, long post is long.   read

4:29 AM on 08.25.2007

PAX '07 and Treasurebox via Chatterbox: I fail so you win!

What's up Dtoid community? I was recently a contestant in Chatterbox's Treasurebox gameshow @ PAX (thanks Alon and Rich (hehe). So, once upon a time in a Stickam Chatroom far far away, I cleaned up on answering some questions from last year's Treasurebox event. Somewhere along the way I got nominated to semi-represent Destructoid for this year's Treasurebox.

It was Ben reppin' Chatterbox, Kelly reppin' Penny-Arcade, and me... acting like the drunk uncle in the stead of one absent Ron Workman. In my defense, I was a couple sheets to the wind after downing a few free drinks from the Game Trailers' party at the War Room which was about 10 blocks away from the convention hall. We even got the opportunity to attempt to avoid one Robert Summa.

After a couple of failed questions regarding games I'll never play in my entire life, and a few dropped balls I should have caught, I was so behind that I nominated some random guy to come up in my stead while I went piddle. Needless to say, he didn't aid our cause too much. Luckily, I was able to act like a jackass, get a few epic lulz, and allow Dtoid to yell and scream 10 times louder than anyone for Chatterbox or Penny-Arcade, although I think 8 times the volume can be attributed to Lauren.

So here I am, a hollow shell of a man beaten senseless in front of a few hundred people, yet I come baring the gifts from the fruits of my defeat. Neglecting my total suckage, yet totally setting the example (good or bad, you take your pick) for Dtoiders, here is what I'll soon be offering to all of you in the form of epic contests.

- Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

- PS2 copy of .hack//G.U. Vol.1 Rebirth w/ limited edition action figure

- Nyko Bluwave remote control for the PSTriple

- Nyko Intercooler (black) for the X360

- PC Command and Conquer 3

The dude that came in while I had to make water got a copy of Cooking Mama, for help baring the brunt of my epic suckage.

Come back later for pics and future contest information. I'd like to say that I'm not keeping any of this for myself. All of these prizes are going directly to the community.   read

4:26 AM on 06.16.2007

Top 5 reasons to join Destructoid's (unofficial) Stickam Chatroom

Haha, got you all good, fuckers. This isn't another blogspam top 5 post to knock down blog posts with actual content in them. See, I'm already over two sentences, and I haven't even linked to some other gaming site (and I won't in any of my blog posts). That's what sending in tips is for, and I blog (unofficially) for/with the DTOID community in mind, or at least as far as the Stickam side of things is concerned. I work in partnership with Asian Rage and Asian Rage Part 2.

Without further ado, I bring you yet another epic Stickam happenings:

Yet another instance of a great random encounter with someone that joined our room in Stickam. I'd explain it, but there aren't words available in either spoken or written language.

Until next time, it's all in the reflexes.   read

5:18 AM on 06.12.2007

Electro gets busted!

Okay, so for those of you not in the know, we run a nightly chatroom in stickam called Yay M&Ms (NamelessTed reference, ftw). On average, this chatroom ranks around the top 10 in Stickam chats. Anyway, it's filled with the usual Dtoid fodder such as videogame discussion, social chat about completely random things, CJP farting into mics, Angelsdontbun doing his Sal Rosenburg impressions, Puppet being a dick to fat girls (any woman weighing over 90 pounds), guess the videogame soundtrack via Milky, random music playing, Ted's Jew-Fro cam, electro-lemon dancing, and various randoms entering chat only to be scared away by our antics. I even lip synch to bad 80's tunes.

Last night, after consistent bombardment by 80's hair metal, electro_lemon decides he wants to dance to some "Hungry like the Wolf" by the one and only Duran Duran. After acquiring said MP3, I begin to broadcast it over the stickam channel. After the removal of his shirt, some "cabbage-patching" and a really bad robot, Electro starts working out a sweet pelvic thrust move when one of his parents walk in. Needless to say, his feed abruptly ends and we all laugh for a good 10 minutes as we realize that he just got OWNED!

Electro, you're one of the reasons that stickam chat is so much fucking fun, and we hope you didn't get into too much trouble, but fuck if we didn't have the most epic laughs ever. Thanks man, and we'll see you in a couple weeks... hopefully.   read

1:35 PM on 06.08.2007

Destructoid XBox 360 Love

It's been awhile since my last blog post, so I decided to post up some stuff I've done with the Destuctoid IP.

Here's the faceplate on my XBox 360

And here's my current ride in Forza 2 (GTI R32)

Faceplate courtesy of Nyko(that's also their charge station on top of the 360). Forza 2 is full of win and theft of time and soul.   read

7:34 AM on 06.01.2007

I build for Tina

Many of you may be wondering who the fuck is Norwegian Tina? Is she a Norse Goddess sent to Vent Chat to sort out our usual sausage party? Is she the alter ego of Ron Workman after one too many drinks? Or is she just some haggard chick who sent a few pics of her tits with "Spice Girls" written on them in glitter puff paint? Fuck if I know.

What I do know is that if you were there, it was epic. Here's a quick recap (forgive me, as I wasn't there when she arrived): Norwegian chick gets bombarded by questions from about 15 dudes in the Vent Chat. Somehow one of them acquires the above-linked pic of BEWBS. Hilarity ensues as Ron "Greybush" Workman starts asking her random questions about Cleveland Steamers, Sheep, watching gladiator movies, and pepperoni nipples. Lauren then comes in, and Tina's glad another girl is in the chat (big mistake there, Tina). Lauren proceeds to talk about her big ten inch and how it needs to belong in Tina's pooper. Destructoid crew comes in to sweep Ron away from the chat for the latest Podtoid recording, and the entire fiasco moves to Stickam for webcammy goodness.

Somewhere along the way Lauren continues to berate Tina, Electro Lemon is making it rain dollar bills (and some $20's in there, li'l pimp), Twisted Imp shows off his own pepperoni nipples, and then Sausage Fingers busts out a pimp hat. Tina bolts, Stickam continues to be hilarious for a bit as Gregor and Lemon are now both sporting pimp hats, and screencaps get crazy-go-nuts. Many copies of photoshop get fired up, Lauren posts a blog, a thread gets made, and a new D'toid star is born. Tina, you're that shining star... or just some haggard chick in Norway.   read

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