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Why I Love Inglourious Basterds

Ever since the age of 12 when I tricked my grandmother into taking me to the theater to see Pulp Fiction, I have been a fan of Quentin Tarantino; however plagued I have been with doubts about his actual talent level ever ...


Xbox Live is Tearing My Family Apart

When Xbox Live was created, it widened the accessibility of multiplayer game to audiences of people all over the world. You longer had to be 'hardcore' to pwn nubs that lived in another city, state, or country; thus, player...


Video-Game Related

You have heard about the full co-op. You've caught wind of customizable characters and the overwhelming amount of things to do in Saint's Row 2 already. I am still somewhat skeptical of the projections of this game's succe...


Confirmed: GTA IV is GOTY

Hed Asplode @ This Bullshit TIME Magazine has given Grand Theft Auto IV their Game of the Year, awarding it the number one game for 2008. Here's the list: 1. Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, 360, PC) 2. Braid (360) 3. LittleBi...


GTA IV PC Trailer

This one uses "Mama," which you may remember from Liberty Rock Radio. That being said, good to see that they still know how to make a compelling trailer.


Some APB news you don't even know about!

I just received an email from the good people at Realtime Worlds. I suppose its because they are my sole friend on Facebook, and feel chummy enough with me to share their latest developments. I have pasta'd the entire thing ...


Left 4 Demo!!!

I call dibs on the Black dude! (no homo) That asshole Heretic may think that Kotaku is "slowtaku" but that is where I get all my info. Destructoid tends to be a little behind in news, let's face it. I really only come to...


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