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6:55 PM on 05.13.2008

Banjo Kazooie-Nuts and Bolts Impressions

After reading the comments on the new Banjo Kazooie trailer I couldn't help but to be somewhat annoyed by the cynicism displayed by the Dtoid community toward the new direction the franchise is taking. Sure it's different from what we where expecting but it looks very fun and quite innovative actually. Watch this video interview and see what I mean.

As you can see the new vehicle creation system has a sort of "do it you're own way approach"
sort of similar to the gameplay style of Bioshock. And I don't see how Rare has made anything that sucked other then Grabbed by The Ghoulies. I liked Kameo quite a bit actually, sure it wasn't perfect(the controls where flawed among other problems) but it was a fun and very pretty looking game and one of the best of the 360's launch. I haven't played Perfect Dark Zero or Viva Pinata but I'd heard mostly good things about the latter and will probably get the sequel. The complaint I found most silly was the graphics. Everyone was saying how the graphics didn't look that good but they looked jawdropping to me. The textures where clean and attractive and the style was creative and colorful. And if you notice in the video interview, the framerate is not that bad. One last thing I'd like to mention is that when Super Mario Galaxy was first revealed, many people where quite skeptical but it turned out to be one of the best games of this generation and it's currently the fourth best reviewed game on Game Rankings. BK:N&B could turn out to suck for all I know but so could any other upcoming game.   read

9:45 AM on 04.03.2008

Upcoming third party Wii games that actually might be worth playing.

With money hungry developers like Data Design Interactive releasing landfill worthy steaming piles of crap on the Wii on a monthly basis it's hard to find the third party diamonds buried under all the crap. That's why I'm writing this article to get people aware of the third party games that actually look pretty darn good. These are all upcoming games so don't bug about No More Heroes and Zack and Wiki not being on there because they already came out.

Deadly Creatures
Publisher/Developer:THQ/Rainbow Studios
Release:October 08 [/b]

In Deadly Creatures, you play as a scorpion and spider who are out to do...something. Details on the story are a bit vague but it certainly will be different(unless the scorpion has amnesia and the spider is after the guy who killed his family/girlfriend/buddy.) The game has a unsettling atmosphere and some of the best graphics seen so far on the Wii. The gameplay details are a bit vague so far but it sounds like this is going to be something along the lines of No More Heroes with arachnids but for wannabe entomologists like me the chance to play as to badass arthropods sounds like nerd heaven.

[b] know what I'm just going to call it Fragile
Publisher/Developer:Namco Bandai/Tri-Crescendo
Release:Probably around mid-09 in the US[/b]

Probably one of the more mysterious games on the list, Fragile is a Adventure/RPG hybrid that follows a young protagonist as he looks for what caused the people in his world to mysteriously disappear as well as possible survivors to quell his loneliness. Details are scarce but given the proven developer Tri-Crescendo behind it(who also created little known RPG gems like Baten Kaitos for the Gamecube and Eternal Sonata for the 360) this one should be one of the best RPG's on the Wii.

[b]Sky Crawlers
Publisher/Developer:Namco Bandai/the Ace Combat people(forget what there name is but will edit this when I find out.)

Although it's name might not grab you the gorgeous graphics of this Wii game will. Sky Crawlers is a new Wii flying game by the creators of Ace Combat thats apparently based on some obscure anime series that I've never heard of until now, Sky Crawlers is a Wii exclusive flight game that allows you to control the game using the nunchuck for steering and the Wiimote for shooting(at least I think thats how you do it, I'll have to check.) Did I mention that this is one of the best looking Wii games period? I mean it's like a pixel away from looking like a 360 game. Even if it doesn't have good gameplay(which it should considering it's proven developer) it should at least show what can be done on the Wii from a technical level.

[/b]Tales of Symphonia:Dawn of the New World
Publisher/Developer:Namco Bandai
Release:September, I think
Warning:May contain spoilers for the first game[/b]
The sequel to one of the Gamecube's best RPG's, Dawn of the New World picks up a few years after the first game left off with the two worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla united and everything going...not so well. The people from the different worlds are in a bloody conflict with each other and things are not looking so well for the new world but luckily new heroes Emil and Marta are here to save the day. The game should play pretty similar to the previous game with a few new additions such as Pokemon style monster catching and a streamlined world map. And yes, the old characters will make appearances to.

Note:I will update this with more games as well as screen shots later.   read

12:27 PM on 03.29.2008

Last nights Real Time with Bill Maher.

Did anyone catch last nights Real Time with Bill Maher? There was a parody of Call Of Duty 4 that depicted the whole "Bosnia incident" with Hillary Clintion. It was lulzworthy enough that even my non-gamer dad was laughing hysterically. After that they showed "John Mccains Virtual Fireplace" for the "Yuu". It was pretty funny that a mainstream show would parody the state of modern gaming so accurately much better then what the Daily Show did(which used rather cliche jokes about gamers being "12 year olds in 25 year olds body".) I wonder if Bill Maher is a gamer. If so then he should really do something on the video game violence debate.   read

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