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drizzt avatar 12:43 PM on 02.03.2010  (server time)
Nicole Strikes Again, with Terrifying Consequences

I've said this before, I realize, but I really do love my girlfriend very much. However, much as I love her, I don't so much love when she sneaks the 360 harddrive out of the house for a girl's night out with her friends and leaves me unable to continue my Mass Effect playthrough. So yes, she stole it again last night but almost gave herself a heart attack in the process.

You see, Nicole's been playing through the original Bioshock on hard to try and complete all her achievements. She's diligently been going through the entire strategy guide with a sharpie, marking off every single audio log, desperately trying to milk the game for all its worth before Bioshock 2's launch next week. Being the sneaky little minx she is, she went to her friend's house and popped in Bioshock and the now curiously absent from my system harddrive to continue her trek through Olympic Heights.

This is where it got comical for me. I didn't have much to do while she was gone so I just messed around with our website. Well, I was in the middle of that right when she called me, panicked, explaining that her save that she'd probably put 20 hours into this week was gone after plugging our harddrive into another 360. I tried my best to calm her down, explaining that we'd pop it in when she got home to assess the damage.

Well, as it turns out she got herself all fussy for nothing. Apparently her friend's 360 had been a refurbed unit, which didn't have the correct system time set. Consequently, instead of appearing at the top of her list of Bioshock saves, it was all the way at the bottom with a 2006 save date. Funny, considering the game didn't come out until 2007, but it makes sense that the system time is how save dates are calculated. So yeah, she was pretty relieved and promised(again) not to sneak off with the harddrive anymore...we'll see how that goes.

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