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drhqnril's blog

7:30 PM on 09.12.2007

In the beginning

Iíve been told that before you die there is a flash of everything you ever were. I donít think itíll happen to me though. If it does, I hope I can change the channel. I havenít had much of an interesting life and, to be honest, I donít think Iíd really want to see it again.
I doubt that itíll happen like that to me anyway. The people that say those things always seem to be intense people that have near death experiences in intense fashions. Thatís not really my cup of tea. Iím sure Iíll die as I lived, in the background, slowly fading.
Thatís my trick, living in the background. Iím a simple person. I have simple needs. To me they appear to be simple needs. To a monkey though, Iím sure they seem complex. Most of my wants are set by my needs. I live in a routine that gives me a life and all I want is more routine. What kind of life is that. Routine? Everyday is the same, except for the weekend. The weekend only changes slightly.
I do things to make the time pass, I play tricks on my friends. I give advice about relationships based on tetris. The original NES tetris. None of that new shit with infinite spin.
Iíve also discovered a love for reviewing movies and games but only if I can relate it to porn. Otherwise I get bored.
Iíve been told that Iím a habitual line crosser. If I see a line I have to cross it. Sometimes when no-one is looking, I donít just cross the line, I jump back and forth over it. Then Iíll sneakily rub it out with my toe and pretend that someone else did it.   read

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