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drhqnril avatar 2:47 AM on 10.04.2007  (server time)
Topical topic. (not game relevant)

I like playing games high. I admit it. When I was a kid Id get really fucked up then go kill people on quake (No.1 baby!) for hours. Nothing beats a friday night fight with shitloads of meth and twitchy kill counterstrike. Awesome.
Though right now I dont want to talk about that.
On the weekend I was working at one of those huge festivals where everyone (40000 people) is on drugs. We didnt have a single drug related fatality. We had 15 hospital transports from alcohol and 2 from GHB (nasty shit).
Here in the .au 12% of kids (20-29s) have tried or are regular uses of mdma. Thats around about 300,000 people. Of those 50% use it monthly weekly.
It made me wonder. So looked up some stuff.

In the last year weve had 1 reported death from mdma.

In the last year, from one state (NSW) in the same age bracket (a comparable population size) there were around 190 fatal car crashes.

I know its kinda like comparing apples to oranges. Its not like people eat pills all day to get to work. Then again 33% of the fatal crashes happened on fri-sat night between 10pm-5am.
The stats almost say "stay out, its safer".
Crazy world.

I know its not game relevant but I found it interesting. So I thought Id share

Drug stats

Crash stats

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