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drhqnril avatar 1:08 AM on 04.29.2009  (server time)

I recently got my hands on the rereleased Chronotrigger for DS (I know, a bit slow but I was saving lives in the third world. slightly hard to get ds games out there).
Anyways long story short, I got horrendously sick the moment I touched back on western soil (the irony).
I was ostracised my friends and family who where scared that I had some contageous illness of cabin fever proportions. All I had was chrono and his friends to keep me company.
Never before (except when I loved it on the SNES) have I loved a computergame so much. Maybe it was the feverent hallucinations affecting my mind, but i'd laugh out loud, then cry, then do both at the same time.
I played it so much and got so ill i cast frog stomp on my sleeping, ever loving and much suffering girlfriend.
I could close my eyes and see the horrible little graphics running rampant. It wasmuch like the tetris effect, but with a better story.

I believe I survived my horrible (3 day) illness in part due to chrono. I had to keep playing. I had to rememeber what happened next. I had to kill lavos in as many ways and as fast as possible. I needed to unlock the last of the 12 endings.

And for that I'm eternally thankfull to the people who rereleased it. because if they hadn't I would have been still stuck with heroes of lagaard 2. We all know how hard that one is. Its such a draining game. Who know's whether I would have survived untill the end?

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