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Lately it seems that tetris has become my entire life. I could use some analogy and say that every portion of my well rounded existance correlates with a tetragon. Every piece falingl together as I play, but I won't. I've just been playing a lot of tetris because its an easy procrastion.
Interestingly I've also been doing a lot of rock climbing, which is kind of tetris in reverse when you think about it.
I'm not too sure about any other particular interests but I find I'm well informed about world status. I do this by checking my email every five minutes. You never know, someone might have written to you since you last looked. I'm also interested in philosophical physics which is like saying you like religous mathematics or even possibly metaphysical cooking. Except I do actually like it.
I also like noise in the background. My favourite is a radio on just loud enough to hear a humm but not loud enough to actually hear the moronic things that radio DJ's are actually saying.
I dont have a T.V
If anyone finds out anything interesting about me, it would be really good if they could tell me. Unfortunatly I always seem to the last person to find out about things, especially about my own life.
As a side note if anyone could also let me know how they put the fillings in chocolates I'd also be very interested.
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1:54 AM on 09.17.2007

Hi, today I want to talk about boobies.
Not just any boobies, but fake boobies. Being medically inclined I donít really have a hell of a lot to do with the latest and greatest gaming news. Instead my job has a lot to do with boobies. I get to poke them, move them out of the way and search inside them for cancerous lumps. All of which is great because I like boobies.
I even have some late and great news about boobies. So Lets talk boobies.

Well, more specifically, fake boobies. But to most any booby is good booby. As most of us here that have played tomb raider can testify, even fake computer generated turgid melons are good booby.
For some odd reason, people want big booby. Itís a risk, because lots of things can happen. If youíre curious have a look at the links to the boobies below.

So the funky booby news? Well, some clever people in Japan have come up with a new technique that going to change everything. Itís a double whammy of surgical techniques that allow two cosmetic surgeries for the price of one.
First comes liposuction. They suck all the fat off your ass and thighs. Then they separate the fat cells from the fat stem cells (these cells mature into fat cells if you eat enough lard). They then mould a scaffolding of fat and lo! Insert it into you waiting bosoms.
Awesome. Lipo and implants. Plus they wonít rupture and theyíll feel natural.
There is a problem however. And this is why Iím talking about this on a hardcore gamers site, where the most booby most people only get to see is their own man boobies.
The fat that you can implant is limited by the fat you can take out. If you donít have much, they canít give you bigger boobs. So where are you going to get it from? Us.
Weíre heading for greatness. I can see a day where theyíll pay you for your fat. Where being fat isnít a stigma, itís a job. Fat donor to the rich and famous.
Awesome I say. Bring it on, and get me another burger too.

Curious about booby? Check out the scars on the nipples.
NSFW (if work donít like no booby)

These implants are what I call, funky.
NSFW (for twisted and warped viewing only)

Post rupture. Bet she thought it would make her beautiful too.

MRI of a leaky implant. I love MRIís

Another one. Of a pair of boobies. Joy!

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