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5:06 PM on 05.11.2009

My Top 25 Albums: #23 [NVGR]

The List So Far
#25: You're A Woman I'm A Machine - Death From Above 1979
#24: The Hunters Lullaby - Raine Maida

Album: Hail To The Thief
Artist: Radiohead

Favorite Tracks: A Wolf At The Door, Myxomatosis, Go To Sleep

I'm gonna warn everyone now. I love Radiohead. This won't be the only cd on the list.
In fact, it's no where near one of my favorite Radiohead cds, but it is still so good that it is one of my favorite cds.

The tracks all have a nice blend of Guitar and Synth.
Something different for what Radiohead usually does. You have cds like The Bends which focus on guitar or a cd like Kid A which focuses on experimenting and electronic sounds.
This cd is a little bit of column A a little bit of column B.

The songs are all very different, ranging from a song like "2+2=5" in which the guitar seems predominate towards the end. To songs like "The Gloaming" which is really cool sounding effects.

The whole cd while you are listening to it pretty much screams out, "LOOK AT ME, I'M DIFFERENT" a great feature most cds or even bands for that matter go after.

The lyrics even at times can feel disturbing while you listen to them, almost as if Thom Yorke (singer. case' ya didn't know) is trying to test your ablility to love this music. Only those willing to find something great will get it. Everyone else will get someone who sounds whiny with some crazy sounds.

If you have never listened to Radiohead, I don't know if this is the place to start. It's more accsessable then albums like Kid A and Amnesiac. But new fans maybe able to get into The Bends or Ok Computer easier. But I still hope some people will become curious enough to give this cd a listen.

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10:12 PM on 05.09.2009

My Top 25 Albums: #24

]The List So Far
#25: You're A Woman I'm A Machine - Death From Above 1979

Album: The Hunters Lullaby
Artist: Raine Maida

Favorite Tracks: Sex Love And Honey, Careful What You Wish For, The Snake And The Crown

I only recently listened to this cd. My friend kept pressuring me into listening to it, I went in having no idea what it would sound like or if it would be something I liked. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised.

What I heard was a very unique sound of guitar, piano, and a diverse track list.

Each song stands out with character, some sound sad like "Careful What You Wish For" and some have fast lyrics resembling hip hop like "The Less I Know".

The cd always feels accessible, anybody could get into it. But each time you listen to it, you kinda pick out things you really like from the cd. First time I listened to it I hated The Snake And The Crown but it is now one of my favorites. Why? Because each song seems to have something special about them. The lyrics and the sound of the song mesh so well.

Take "Yellow Brick Road" for example. It seems like a laid back song due to the guitar, and wouldn't you know it, the lyrics are laid back and are talking about child hood pasts.
Course' I just got the cd. So I could find different meanings for things.

And that's a good thing. A great cd is one you want to listen to again, and again, and again.

Check it out.

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8:33 PM on 05.09.2009

My Top 25 Albums: #25

It seems like on a gaming forum people would post about their top 25 games of all time, but I'm gonna do something different. Instead, I will write my Top 25 Albums of all time, going down until we reach my favorite cd of all time.
Each cd will contain my thoughts, why I love it, favorite tracks, and a video (or just a song from youtube).
Perhaps we can get discussion even going in the comments about music and your tastes.

Album: You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
Artist: Death From Above 1979

Favorite Tracks: Little Girl, Blood On Our Hands, Pull Out

This cd will always hold a special place in my heart.
For it was this cd that changed the way I think about music.

I'm not very old, only in High School. But I was in Grade 7 when I bought this cd, during this time I was into Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. I know... it's embarrassing. But this cd made me realize that music can be more.

Their sound wasn't polished, wasn't pretty, and sounded loud and different. The singer didn't sound like he cared about what some teen girl thought of him.
They wanted to make music and they would make it their way.

The tracks are remember able from the album starting off with the wicked screams of "Turn It Out" to the ending song "Sexy Results" which features much softer much more laid back singing.

also, not important about why I love it but, the band is only bass and drums. Kinda hardcore.

Great cd, listen to it still all the time and it is how I am going to start the series of blog posts. Hope I inspired some of you to check them out.
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7:06 PM on 05.09.2009

Artsy Game

Gaming is hard to take seriously.
And that is a bad thing!
On one side we have games that try to do new things and tell story in different ways that make us feel things. On the other side we have a bunch of idiots yellin' "BOOM! HEADSHOT!" into their mics all night long.

Here are some games that are art. They have to be, I don't care if some soccer mom thinks of gaming only as Bejeweled on her cell phone.

If that is art (I drew that, I know. I'm amazing) then these games are without question.

I love Braid so much. Every aspect of it. The graphics which look like a painting coming to life and the music is enchanting (in a non lame disney sounding sort of way). The story is very distant, but important, and arguable, kind of like art (see what I did there). But the mechanic is amazing. Being able to watch yourself go back, smarter from the experience with no consequences. Pretty powerful stuff. It's on XBLA for 1,200 points and Steam for I'm guessing 15 bucks as well, Pick it up if you haven't yet.

Psychonauts most artistic thing I think about it is the absurdity. Your characters in this Summer Camp, it seems so ridiculous... but awesome. All characters are extremely developed and fun to talk to and made me laugh more then most modern comedy movies. Like... come on, pure entertainment that is daring and different. What's not to like?

I've never played Flower due to the fact I don't own a PS3 but you can just tell this game is art. Controling the wind and watching as pedals blow b-e-a-utifully and majestically jumps seems compelling. Can't talk much about it but, if I get the PS3 this year (price drop plz) I will be picking this up for sure.

Shadow Of The Colossus
Crazy thing is, I don't find this game fun. But I respect it. Kinda like not loving to stare at a painting but understanding why it is important. Most people I know can babble on about this game forever, about climbing on the giant enemy (not crabs) and killing the innocent beast. One day I will finish this game, and one day I will not go to see the movie coming out.

Yeah, gaming, art.

6:31 PM on 04.29.2009

Community Games that are actually fun

first blog post, ight. Go easy.

You may Community Games as those games that don't have achievements on the 360 or that section of the Dashboard I might as well not go to.
Lots (and by lots I mean some) of the games are great quality games that need your support. Now I'm not saying everyone should go out and buy a fake fireplace for 200 points I'm going to tell you some enjoyable titles that are worth your money (or at least time for a demo.


Price: 400 Points
Artoon is kinda like a 3D Q'bert. You basically go around hoping on stuff, changing their color, until you're finished the level. Where I think the game gets cool is the fact that level have their own unique art style. Some levels mess up your tv if you look into the wrong side and some you have to paint blocks in a certain order or you will die. The jumping does feel kinda floaty but it is still tight (if that makes any sense). The multiplayer was fun the few times I could convince my friends to play it with me instead of halo or a different community game (which I will talk about later) and could be some fun to play with someone who doesn't play games much. Their is also a grading system for each level and "achievements that don't give you gamerscore" if that's your kinda thing.


Price: 200 Points
Think Geometry wars meets Rez. You got Groov. Its a dual stick shooter in which each enemy is a instrument or section of the song, and as you shoot them you make the music. Once you shoot an enemy the become white, then they do no damage to you, then in time with the music they explode. At first it took me a while to get used to the idea that once I shoot one of these enemies they aren't going to just disappear but once I got passed it I was having a blast. The game also has other modes including a free style mode. Not bad for around 2 bucks if I do say so myself :3


Price: 800 Points
I'll be honest, I haven't bought this game yet. 10 bucks is a lot for a community game when you can get Bionic Commando: Rearmed with the same amount of points (which is what I ended up getting instead of Colosseum) but from the demo you can kinda tell that it will be one of the better, more quality community games. The controls are great, the graphics are better then some Live Arcade games, and it just feels like it could have been a Live Arcade game. I'm sure someone here has bought it and know it is awesome, it's just I haven't shelled out the points yet to buy this game. Still check it out.

Zombie Smashers x4 Guitarapoclypse

Price: 200 Points
I like to think of this as the generic video game from a kids cartoon."Oh no! Frankenstein is gonna get me! Oh man Giant Cat just got Jimmy! GUITAR SOLO!!!" This game is just a smash bros clone. It isn't anything artistic or daring, but it is fun. I gotta say, I spent tons of time playing this with my friends. Words can't really describe how fun it actually is to beat each other with a guitar while Frankenstein rapes your other friend. It's mindless, clunky, weird, and a blast. If you wanna have a good time... give this a try.   read

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