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dregs's blog

5:06 PM on 05.11.2009

My Top 25 Albums: #23 [NVGR]

The List So Far #25: You're A Woman I'm A Machine - Death From Above 1979 #24: The Hunters Lullaby - Raine Maida Album: Hail To The Thief Artist: Radiohead Favorite Tracks: A Wolf At The Door, Myxomatosis, Go To Sleep I'm ...   read

10:12 PM on 05.09.2009

My Top 25 Albums: #24

]The List So Far #25: You're A Woman I'm A Machine - Death From Above 1979 Album: The Hunters Lullaby Artist: Raine Maida Favorite Tracks: Sex Love And Honey, Careful What You Wish For, The Snake And The Crown I only recen...   read

8:33 PM on 05.09.2009

My Top 25 Albums: #25

It seems like on a gaming forum people would post about their top 25 games of all time, but I'm gonna do something different. Instead, I will write my Top 25 Albums of all time, going down until we reach my favorite cd of all...   read

7:06 PM on 05.09.2009

Artsy Game

Gaming is hard to take seriously. And that is a bad thing! On one side we have games that try to do new things and tell story in different ways that make us feel things. On the other side we have a bunch of idiots yellin' "BO...   read

6:31 PM on 04.29.2009

Community Games that are actually fun

first blog post, ight. Go easy. You may Community Games as those games that don't have achievements on the 360 or that section of the Dashboard I might as well not go to. WELL SHAME ON YOU! Lots (and by lots I mean some) of ...   read

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