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Hey people of Destructoid and ever where else. Name's draycott but everyone calls me Jack. As ya can tell I game. Not much. But enough to satisfy the title of gamer.

Do I know more then the average triple A title buyer? Yes. Do I know more then some of the members of the Dtoid community? Probably not.

I tend to hang out on Steam a lot when I'm gaming. TF2 tends to be the game I always attract to, so if ya need a sentry down I'll sap it for ya.

My favourite game? By far is Grandia 1 for the Playstation 1. God damn that game was awesome. Heaven and Earth CUT! HOLY CRAP that game was awesome.

Where can you find me most of the time when on Dtoid? I tend to comment randomly on front page posts made by the editors. I OCCASIONALLY attend the SNS, FNF360, FNFSteam and the forums.

My primary goal is to get more involved into the community. So hit me up if you want me to speak up about something or frag some noobs.

I suppose that's it for the gaming side. Personal side?

Well, I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Yes. North. Cold. Moose. Maple Syrup. Hockey. Beer. Health Care.


I'm in college right now studying Power Motive Technologies which is a fancy way of saying, I am studying how to fix cars. I also have a Diploma in Police Foundations. My aspiration is to join the police force of Toronto. I want to join Interpol but, that's HUGE and I'm pocket size by comparison to that dream.

Writing is my passion and gaming is my hobby. So this community of Destructoid and it's "video game journalist" is a perfect mix for me to hang out.

Also, I'm brown. Yeah, brown. More specifically, Tamil. Yep, brown. Obviously being in Toronto, I'm apart of the diaspora. I don't want to fill this about section about my people so I'll end it there. There's enough reading in those 2 Wiki posts alone.

What music I listen to? EVERYTHING except slow country. And even slow country I got a soft heart for.

MC Frontalot
Club Music
Drum and Bass
Classical (From Braid for example)
Hip Hop
Dance hall/Reggae Surprise.
Jazz Awesome chill albums.
Experimental, Instrumental, Classical I can't even give a proper description.
Electro Pop
Newer Metal
Older Metal

I suppose I've written enough for now.

God speed...
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