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7:53 AM on 05.21.2008

Can videogame realism go too far?

Can videogame realism go too far?
Will it be disturbing to play shooters,because how realistic the graphics will be?
Will racing games be so intense, that it might cause players to be scared to drive fast?
I just named a couple of examples of how videogames realism can go to far, of course it won't happen on this generation on consoles but who says not in about 10 years? we see how much can change between 1998 and between 2008. Will games have to stop for getting to realistic or it won't be fun? what are your opinions about this?   read

8:41 AM on 05.19.2008

Don't taze me bro!

I am sorry about my first fail/under intelligent blog post.
What do you think about this article here:

Sephiroth is the top Character from the series.
Do you disagree or agree?
Personally i agree, for a number of reasons:
He touched gamers' hearts when he killed Aerith.
He's just a bad ass.
He can kill anybody without any emotions.

One of the remarkable things about Sephiroth is how little time he actually spends on-screen. Throughout most of Final Fantasy VII, he's not so much an active element of the plot as a looming presence behind it. Perhaps that's why his scenes have remained so memorable his rampage in Nibelheim, Aerith's final moments, and the climactic battle in the Northern Crater are moments that have stuck with thousands of fans over the years. He doesn't show up all that often, but when he does step out from the shadows, he definitely makes the most of his time at center stage. - quoted from article

What about the new Banjo game?
I don't think we should bash the game so much because of a new gameplay mechanic.
I have played the first and the second banjo game and they were great, maybe we have too high expectations? Maybe we don't want to see changes in our beloved game?
honestly it was a dumb move to get rid of kazooie's moves but, the vehicle building looks great and can be fun. Grand theft bear anyone?

hopefully this time i made a good blog after all the flak i received...
Please leave your feedback and suggestions.

1:45 PM on 05.18.2008

Why the hell i left the gametrailers forums and joined here.

[color=darkblue]I have enough of gametrailers,complete morons.
The community has never been good there but, i could bear it.
After a couple of weeks ago it started to piss me off for a couple of reasons:
Fanboys whining and complaining about some dumb shit that doesn't matter.
The whole gametrailers is lying and decieving and shit.
the whole grid comparison vid did for me.
GT being biased when making comparisons.
thank god you guys aren't ;)
I just love you guys' podcasts.
every week i listen to RFGO! podtoid and to the podcastle.
It just got boring at GT as well.
So after this rant i hope i have a more pleasant time here ;).
oh i almost forgot, i hope i don't sound like the reverend himself. [/color]   read

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