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drMario1337 avatar 1:23 PM on 02.24.2008
EA may be taking over the WORLD.

Reportedly, EA is making a bid to aquire Take-Two Inteactive in an all-cash merger of about $2 billion, according to Kotaku.com.

An important fact to note is that Take-Two's board rejected the offer, leading EA to make their offer public to the shareholders.

This would only increase dramatically the grip that EA has on the video gaming world in the US. With EA Sport's recent agreement with the NFL to keep liscencing until god knows when, and the possible purchase of one of other big powerhouses of the video world, who knows how big EA will get.

For those who are uneducated, Take-Two Interactive owns fully 2K Games (which owns Civilization makers Firaxis), 2K Sports (Major League Baseball 2K8 and Don King Presents: Prizefighter), 2K Play (various young children games), and one of the biggest of them all, Rockstar Games (GTA IV).

There are pros and cons to this deal. A pro to this deal is the amount of quality games that would be released by EA. A con to this deal is the amount of control that EA has just gotten a hold of in the market of video game sales.

More info to come in the future.

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