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Dr Spaceman's blog

11:34 AM on 06.06.2008

Tales of Etrian Odyssey

So, since this contest was started a few weeks ago, I have been playing [i]Etrian
Odyssey[/i] just about non-stop. Although it is not my first dive into RPG gaming, this has
been a unique experience. For those of you that don't know that much about it, Etrian
Odyssey is an old style RPG dungeon crawler type game.

You start by forming a guild, then you create your characters, picking from 7 classes (two
more become available later, but I'm not sure how, yet), and then it is of to the dungeon.
Most of the game play is centered around combat, which I think is done very well in this
game. But one of the things I like about Etrian Odyssey is the cartography. When you
enter a new floor of the dungeon, you must draw out your path on the in-game map. Here
is the throwback to old style text-based computer games from like 25-30 years ago, when
dirt was new and gas was 68 cents a gallon.

I find the map making mechanic so interesting that I have attempted traveling through
floors of the dungeon that are way above my combat level, just so I can paint my map with
pretty lines and symbols. I love how the DS stylus replaces the pen and paper map making
that was so crucial to a genre of gaming that has been missing for so long. Legend of
Zelda: Phantom Hourglass used this cartography mechanic in a similar way, and did it well,
but since it wasn't so important to your survival, Etrian Odyssey does it better. "it"
being the throwback to pen and paper dungeon crawling, not being awesome, we all know
LoZ is awesome.

Having grown up in the 80's and 90's, I missed out on some of types of game play that I
very well could have enjoyed, and Etrian Odyssey does a good job (from what I can
tell) of bringing some of it back.

Also, it is a bitch to revive dead characters, too expensive.   read

8:24 PM on 04.09.2008

New Microsoft "3iimote" Acknowledges Nintendo's Existence

So, there was news today and yesterday about the
possible motion sensing, wand-like, controller for the Xbox 360 (I am calling the "3iimote",
eh? eh?...come on!) might be coming to shelves in your fine local retailer. And I was
wondering what y'all though about this.

I assume that the DToid front pages posts are showing very rough representations of the
potential product, and the similarity that they have are more to mock Microsoft, rather than
to give an actuall idea of what my come to be.

Also, I wanted to know how the community felt about the fairly clear trend Nintendo is
beginning to create within the industry. Motion sensing controlls has more or less carried
the Wii, for better or for worse, and the fact that Sony has attempted to follow suit, may
have lead to Microsoft jumping on the bandwaggon. Really, all I see coming out of the
production of the "3iimote" is a host of WarioWare and Rayman Rabbids like party games
getting produced for the 360. Again, this would be for better or worse, but, those who own
Wiis got them, at least partly, for the party game motion sensing aspects, on top of a sense
of loyalty and/or dedication to Nintendo products. I know I did.

So, in my first post here on the wonderful DToid, please respond with your ideas on the
situation at hand. Is Microsoft and/or the industry making a move towards the party game
market that Nintendo has held so well for so long? Is Microsoft totally ripping off Nintendo to
see if they can increase sales and take business from Nintendo? Anything?

I more or less want comments on my post just to see how much of a response I could get.

Sorry if bbcode doesn't work, I've never done it before.   read

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