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dprim3 avatar 11:21 PM on 06.24.2007  (server time)
Color Blind Discrimination... Nintendo Fascists

I am D-Prime, and I can't play Bust-A-Move for Wii properly because I'm color blind.

If you didn't know, it is a puzzle game in which you stop a bunch of bubbles from falling to the ground, by shooting them down with other bubbles of the same color. Kind of like up-side down Tetris with colors instead of lines. The Playstation 2 version I had back in 2003, and the arcade version, both had colors that I could decipher between easily. But I can't quickly tell the difference between certain seperate colors in the Wii version, so it's frusturating as hell to play. That sucks, because I love Bust-A-Move.

Color blindness* is just severe enough to cause actual difficulties in one's day to day life, but not severe enough to get any sympathy. We'll never have fucking telethons on public television. Or charities for research to cure it, or ANYTHING... yet. Fascists.

* This is a misleading popular misnomer. Almost no one is literally color blind in the sense of seeing in black and white. Technically what I have is severe color deficiency where you see in color, but not as many different ones, while shades blend into eachother differently and similarities happen in different places so it's often hard to follow the regular names given or decipher between shades easy for most people.

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