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12:59 AM on 07.29.2007

Why Does the Wii Suck?

I got my Wii right when it came out, and I was so excited to be apart of Nintendo's revolution (so to speak). When I got home with my Wii I could not stop playing it for a a couple of months, and now I find myself letting my Wii collect dust. Why is that? I don't own a PS3 (too much money) or either a 360 (I'm not a fan of Microsoft at all), but I do find myself playing my PS2, DS, and PSP a lot.

People tell me "why don't you buy VC games or use any of the channels on the Wii?" Well...I do have a few VC games, but I don't want to play old school games all the time, and the channels on the Wii suck. I want new games that use the Wii to its full potential. I don't find Every One Votes channel every interesting and the browser is well...lame. I have my laptop that is always on 24/7 and I can just check my email, YoutTube videos, or whatever else on my computer. Nintendo needs to do something and fast about the games and this past E3 did make me a little happy, and I stress on the word LITTLE, but at least I see interesting games that are coming out for the Wii. The end of the year should be interesting for the Wii though since Metroid and Smash are coming out. I guess I'll just have to seat back and relax for those Wii games.   read

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