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double2 avatar 1:22 PM on 10.26.2009  (server time)
Modern Warfare 2 to be under 35 in UK? This paper thin rumor says "Yes".

Well, well, put a 35p sticker on me, throw me in to a petrol station and call me the Daily Mail but I heard me a beautiful and more importantly, plausible claim from an employee at my local Blockbuster today. Yes, that's right, he told me that word has it, don't tell anyone, but Blockbuster will definitely be selling COD:MW2 on Xbox for less than 35. Hmm.

Let me explain what this feller said, he said that word is, firstly, that Game (UK equivilant of GameStop) have secured a special 35 price tag for the game's launch. Furthermore, as Blockbuster within the past year have realised that movies are for bell ends and everyone likes games now, they have a new, rather awesome policy that says they will always give the best trade in prices and will always sell games cheaper than any other high street store.

Therefore, with this news flying about, Blockbuster staff have been informed that the game will be priced at 32.99 making it quite possibly the single cheapest new release triple-A title to have been launched possibly forever - quite a contrast from previous suggestions of it being the most expensive non-peripheral game of this generation.

Why do I think this is plausible? Well, considering that this game is going to sell more than any other game ever, if I was Mr. Game or Mr. Blockbuster I would want some of the action. In fact, knowing the number of gamers, parents and spouses the game is going to draw, I would make a loss. You see the [where is the bloody number key on a mac?!?!] NUMBER one way to increase sales in a high street shop in a time where online sales are accounting for more and more of people's Christmas spending is to literally just get them in at all costs.

If, let's say, a million billion more people come in to your shop over the Christmas period, buy a copy of COD:MW2 and one in 10 them buy one of those shitty Wii tennis rackets which they buy in for 75p and sell for 10, they're going to make a massive amount of money from that even if they're losing money on the game in the first place. Ok the maths is clearly wrong in that statement, but you get what I'm saying yea?

Of course, the question is: why would Mr. Game tell Mr. Blockbuster about his wicked plan for world domination? Well that my friends...ismybusseeya!

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