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11:15 AM on 10.17.2009

Brasil: This is how we play!

Well, not everyone of you knows how the Game Industry "works" here, so I'll try to give you a little brief.

Every single 'marketman' says that the Brazilian Game Industry is promessing and has a lot to explore. That's right but, we're not seeing anyone explore it.

Microsoft is the only company that is officially installed in the country, with the world's most expensive X360, NO Xbox Live inside the country (that means we have to pretend we live in US or Europe to have Access to XBL, most of people just gives the Microsoft Adress on the box), the most pathetic Tech Assistance, you'll wait about 2-3 months if you get the 3RL's problem because they send your console to U.S for exchanging it. They also have no TV Ads, no Outdoors, maketing campaigns are Zero here.

Sony sells a lot of PS2 here, I mean, a really big lot, and they just don't care, there's no official representation here and we're in the hands of the importers and the high taxes that the government insist to charge, not only because of piracy, but also because they consider it superfluous, and everything that are superfluous here has their taxes "in the sky with diamonds". Thats the case of the Playstation family, the most popular gaming brand in the country, and it's competitors. Sony has promising to come to our country since the last E3, they still had no pratical activities here, and they keep their word to bring the PS family and PSN officially in our country. Nothing yet.

The PS3 Price at the Launch

Nintendo is the worst case, the Wii here is even more expensive than the Xbox360, they're represented by a third party Importer, they do what they want with the prices and we don't see any intrest on the company to explore this lands like they did in the past. Yes, they were a big company here in the golden age, until the N64 and piracy on the PSX that crushed the Mario's console down on sales, that made Nintendo to fall back to their barricades of US, Europe and Japan. The only thing that Nintendo did these days, were to bring the DS and DSi with maketing campaigns, but still at the top prices.

The DS brazilian TV Ad.

Off course things were worse here, today we have almost zero attitude from the companies - let me say 0,5 attitude - but gamers here, they still have some hope that things will get significantly better for us. What these companys could do, is to push our government to see that this marketing makes a lot of cash to circle and make some pressure about the taxes that are impeding our Industry of even exist, I think that would help with the piracy problem too.

Don't get me wrong, gaming here are extremely popular and we have lots and lots of fannatic gamers, I could risk to say that we're as Gamers as the American people. Gaming is already a part of our culture, we're even the best Video Games Live public that Talarico ever seen, but the Oldmen that has their old butts on the Autorithy chairs, the have no idea about all that stuff. Not only them, but a very big slice of our people could sit down and think how they're dropping our market in the hole buying piracy stuff. I can't blame the poor about doing that even knowing that is wrong, but piracy here is taken by a lot of people who could buy originals, they think they're smart and they're cheating the evil and greed companies that rape us with their prices.

That's reality, all brazilian gamers are f'cking warriors that work hard every single day, so they can enjoy this wonderful gaming world, we have to get passed by a lot of barriers, lots of shields to get our fun, but those who can fight, aways does.   read

8:51 PM on 10.16.2009

Okay, I'm a Dragon and I want to play it badly.

I'm really looking forward to The Secret World, that game is f'ing teasing me, all that crazy videos and mistery around that new universe is being so nicely done and showed. I made that new test on the website and I screwed up. Right now I'm going there again and placing another e-mail account on the form, here's why:

That personality test says that I'm a "perfect Dragon", so I'm not cool "sex, drugs and rock n' roll" member of Illuminatti or even brutal and mothaf*cka fanboy like a Templar. But my guess is that the most test results made there was 'Dragon'. Why?

Because most of us, gamers, have a Dragon profile! Believe me, most publishers/devs just don't know who they're giving up their access key.

I should have taken one of the other Societies, that would increase my chances to get a Beta Key. =X   read

4:55 PM on 10.16.2009

Time to write, not to play!: Zeebo is a 'Parent Cheater' Console!

First of all, we, brazilians, are not playing Zeebo, not the hardcore gamers! This console is totally "Parent Cheater" for us.

What's a "Parent Cheater", anyway?
Let me help you guys to understand, I'll give you the example of a good father, in xmas time trying to please his little gamer son claming for his Next-gen console with a brand new super gaming machine that fits his "Pocket Power$". Our parents in this country are, most of them, a bunch of "newbies" when we talk about technology, and specially gaming, no matter how much they love their sons, they will ever buy that "cute and as cheap as possible thing", look at this console:

now, little closer:

Resident Evil 4: Zeebo.

Yeah, it's the Cellphone edition. And the Crash Nitro Kart Racing is the iPhone adapted for the joystick.

Off course this console is cheaper than a PS3 and Xbox360 here, let's compare:

A Xbox360 costs officially R$1,899.00 here (the offcial Brazilian kit including Too Human + PGR4), and at least R$1,250.00 by Import, a PS3 80GB about R$1,490.00 (There's no official kit, it's imported) on the Stores, a Nintendo Wii about R$1,799.00 (I SWEAR!). And a Zeebo, well, Zeebo you can take home paying "just" R$599.00. Thats R$100.00 cheaper than a PS2 (the most popular console here).

R$ 1.703 = US$ 1.00
(That absolutely and unproportional prices are govermental taxes)

I'm not saying that our kids should not play Zeebo just because their parents couldn't bring at least a Playstation 2 inside their home. I'm just saying that if you want to please your hardcore gamer son, please, DON'T MAKE SURPRISES! Avoid this kind of situation:

Zeebo can cause it!

But please, if you're not able to buy even a PS2 for him, please explain the situation, have a talk to your son, let him decide if he wants a Zeebo, if he wants there's nothin' wrong! It's good for him to have fun after all!   read

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