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Random Info:

I love retro games, particularly of the SCUMM adventure and gold-boxed type. I collect games that I consider to be top notch so I don't have a huge collection but the ones in it count.

A woman ran off with my NES and SNES and all the games (~50 or so).

These days I mostly play EVE Online and whatever is fun and multiplayer on the 360 and PC, and when I have time, the large stack of games I've been meaning to play (mostly RPGs in that stack).
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7:53 PM on 04.10.2009

Small rant:

Why does playing multiplayer games on the 360 have to be such a pain? Let us walk through this.

1. Start game
2. Select Multiplayer
3. Pick a mode
4. Wait
5. Can't connect
6. Goto 1 (what?)

(Time elapsed: 1-5 minutes)

So where is the game list? Where do I pick my low ping game from a list? Why has this not made the jump from the PC to the console game world? At what point did someone who'd never played a PC game decide this was a good system? When it does work, who knows what I'm going to get? Anywhere from lag city to a bunch of assholes.

That is all.

11:47 PM on 09.29.2007

So I just beat the Longest Journey and Dreamfall (again) and now I'm looking for another good adventure games like those. I play lots of adventure games but I'm looking for something similar to the Longest Journey duo. Anyone have suggestions?

2:03 AM on 09.06.2007

So, after pre-ordering Savage 2 almost two years ago, they've finally let us initial supporters into the "pre-beta." I must say, it's about fucking time I get my hands on this game. I loved Savage to death (though I've never been the type to obsess over a game and stick with only it for years, like some people with CS and the like). Anyways, if you bought the game in that initial push for pre-orders, check your email.

3:57 AM on 08.19.2007

This is my God of War banner. I haven't ever played the game but the idea of a PS3 motivated me enough to at least spend a minute photoshopping up SOMETHING.

11:45 AM on 07.20.2007

So today I have a little rant. What is the deal with gaming companies these days and cooperative multiplayer? Is everyone afraid to make cooperative multiplayer games that don't end up just being team deathmatch or something? Look at Bioshock. The game sounds amazing. Will I buy it? No. Single player games really don't do it for me any more. Instead of sitting on the couch playing Bioshock by yourself, how much more fun would it be to have your friend playing it along with you instead of ganking your chips while watching? That alone would make things more interesting. The first letdown of this nature that I can remember is Vampire: The Masquerade, which announced the death of it's anticipated coop multiplayer on it's forums not long before release.

So what am I after? There are games that include coop multiplayer out there. Just look at Gears of War. My point is, how many of you actually played through Gears by yourselves, and if you did, was it not more fun hooking up with someone to beat it? Why can't a game be made for coop game play? Think of the possibilities you could have if there were puzzles set up like Resident Evil Zero style. Where for literally an hour let's say, you had to split up to get things done in tandem, while keeping contact on radio. Think of all the times the NPCs have been right there in the story to flip a switch or something for you. That could be you!

2:36 AM on 07.17.2007

I was listening to my awesome Pandora station, and a song came on that reminded me of a video game. Not that the song sounded like part of a video game score, but that I remembered listening to the song while playing the game. This got me thinking of other times I could recall this happening. I could just be crazy, but here's some associations I came up with:

Metallica - Metallica - Metroid
Live - Throwing Copper - A Link to the Past
Verve - A Storm in Heaven - Dark Ages of Camelot
Counting Crows - anything - EverQuest

Call me crazy, but I found it interesting.