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I bought one online, hours ago after reading about the $200 price drop. Yeah, I bought into the hype. I own a phone that is actually more technologically advanced, minus the multi-touch, but it is a better phone. However, I'm tired of the damn thing and I want something new to play with. I'm already with AT&T (nee Cingular) so everything should work just fine after I jailbreak that thing. Any and all comments are welcome...

11:07 PM on 08.27.2007

So, who has it and if you have it a)where do you live and b)where did you get it from? I've been getting conflicting reports from everyone as to the actual release date; AFAIK today was the ship date so it should be on shelves tomorrow, but I'm being told by retail outlets that it'll be available Wednesday. Additionally, GameFly has it listed for the 29th. So, what's the deal?

11:45 PM on 08.21.2007

Okay, this was originally a lot longer and sounded like it was a canned confessional about how great this service is. Whatever... If any of you guys use Netflix or a similar service then you know how good it is. In any event, if you're interested, follow this link and sign up. If you do, it helps me out and I get kickbacks when/if enough of you sign up stay on as paying members for at least two months or if you're thinking "fuck this guy and his bullshit, I'm not helping him out," you could just sign up normally...

So, in lieu of the recent discovery of the knock-off Wiimote LCD games, I thought I should share this with everyone:

Sweet! Now there's a crappy plug-and-play GH knockoff! I could only imagine how much this sucks.

So I found this "gem" in my local Target and decided to snap some pics of it since I was completely unaware that it even existed. Check out the other pics for all the awesome propaganda on the box. As crappy as it probably is, I was tempted to buy it just to mess around with it. Thank God common sense kicked in and prevented that from happening.

EDIT: I apologize for some of the pics having bad quality. I was trying to do this as fast as possible because I've heard that stores frown upon picture taking of this manner.
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11:24 PM on 08.13.2007

Yeah, i know this is like the bazillionth post about this game, but it's that good. The prospect of setting people on fire and then shocking them to death in a pool of water whilst they try to extinguish the flames brings a sadistic smile to my face. I will definitely be investing a good chunk of time into this game.

10:02 PM on 08.10.2007

Is anybody else dissatisfied with this thing? At first, I was fine with the it, but as I got my Wii and PS3, I've become more and more apathetic towards the machine. I mean, for all the bad press that the PS3 has gotten, at least the launch models (for NA and J at least) has full backward compatibility. Yeah, I know, it has the actual PS2 hardware in there, but at least I can disconnect my PS2 and not have to worry about digging the thing out to play all of my old PS2 titles. Additionally, the Wii is just a OC'd GameCube; it's not a knock against the system since the GC could produce some beautiful games. The reason that I'm asking is because I have this copy of BG&E for Xbox, but it's not on the 360 BC list and probably will never be on that list despite the fact that POP:SOT is on the list and runs on a modified version of the JADE engine from BG&E. Then I figured, well, I have a computer, I'll just get the PC version. So I download a demo and the thing doesn't even run properly on my system despite/in spite of/due to the fact that my current rig more than fits the hardware requirements for the game. Frustrating, but I ended up finding a brand new copy of the game for PS2 for under $10 so, it's not a total loss.