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I play video games sometimes and play in a band sometimes, but hardly have time for either.

I live in New York.


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While I can't think of too many examples of horror puzzle games, the concept definitely sounds intriguing. Wayforward Technologies, developers of handheld titles such as Contra 4 and Shantae (for the Game Boy Color), have announced LIT, a 3D horror puzzler.

From the looks of the concept art, I'm incredibly interested. WiiWare seems to really be shaping up to have some great titles in development.

By the way, this is my first post in way-the-hell-too-long. I've been busy. Also, thanks to Mr. Joe Burling for getting my ass in gear. I'll try to suck less, Destructoid.

(via Joystiq)

UPDATE: i'm having some serious issues with pictures not wanting to upload. go here to check out art for the game. kthnx.

For all you Monkey Island and Full Throttle fans out there (and that damn well better be all of you), Playboy just did a pretty fantastic interview with one Mr. Tim Schafer as a part of their Geniuses at Play series of interviews with game designers.

There's a really vibrant fan community for adventure games online. And now people are making their own adventure games because the industry has not produced much for them, so this void has been filled somewhat by the fans making their own homebrewed games, which is great.

I'm glad to see that people in the industry realize how big of a fanbase adventure gaming still has. He does have a point, sadly, the audience for adventure games did not grow as quickly as FPS or other audiences did, and that's why it was largely left behind.

Regardless, it's a great read, check it out here.