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3:15 PM on 10.22.2008

REVIVAL TONIGHT; all are welcome

We've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of GAME.

We "the church" need to step out of out comfort zone and start saving people... from not playing games. A revival is at hand people! And I have a testimony to testify.

So I'm (Lewie, 22) a video game enthusiast along with "one" of my "four" other brothers (Ben, 28) and this last weekend I was hanging with one of my nephews (Alex, 12)who would game if his mom (my sister) would let him but she looks down on them instead. Anyways, me and my brother were playing dead space when Alex came over, so I started him a new game right away and handed him the controller. He's actually really good at most games because me and my brother gave him our old consoles (N64, Game Cube, PS2) through the years. To our surprise he rocked' the hell out of it, and to our enjoyment he was scared as fuck! Hallelujah!!
Don't worry, he's extremely well adjusted and won't be having any nightmares, if in case you were concerned, Praise Jebus.

Its been awhile since he last played anything other than guitar hero and now he's going to try and get a 360 so he can keep up with the hard core, Can I get a witness!

"To go out into all the world and preach the Gospel" (of GAMEing)
That's right! and now invite the Holy Spirit of GAME to fill you through this song.
(Note: Zombies at 3:19)

Now while the thousand of you are now uncontrollably speaking in tongues after watching the vid, I want you to start thinking about how YOU can share your faith with the friends and family around you who don't know GAME, or have a personal relationship with GAME.

Some of you have backslid en over the years... Some of you have maybe said: "I still love Gaming" but don't spend time doing so... And some of you are going to hell. Just kidding.
But now if you would like to recommit yourself wholly to GAMEing... If you say: "yes, Lord GAME I want you in my life again", Don't hesitate! Just watch that video again (seriously, it's now one of my favorites), comment nicely on my first blog and give me a 10% tithe of all your money, but most importantly get someone, who doesn't play, involved so that maybe the world will then know the truth!

This really is my first blog ever and thank you for reading. I would actually like to invest some time in writing something better for you but I'm just learning about BBcode. Could someone tell me why I can't use simple codes like coloring, lists, highlights, alignment, any of that stuff in the text here? I'm very appreciative of any help or critiques on my horrible first time. Thanks again.   read

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