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domataos's blog

6:07 AM on 06.05.2007

Top 6 Gayest Video Game Characters. :)

Gay people are everywhere. On TV, in the movies, or leaving my fathers bedroom around midnight. When I looked around the only place I couldn't find gay representation with ease was in video games. So I put on my mattock hat a...   read

6:56 PM on 05.31.2007

Why is my PSP Garbage? 3.50 Firmware Now Available.

It's starting to piss me off how little Sony is doing with the PSP. Now I know the easy response is "omg no games, DSDS". Frankly, PSP is a better system than the DS. Now before I get my head cut off I'll say the PSP has ye...   read

6:12 AM on 05.31.2007

Hello CBlogs I Bring Gifts of Ron Workman

Sub /cblogs/   read

5:31 AM on 05.31.2007

How to get into Blogs with "space people"

Ok, right click someone's post, copy + paste link In their name there is a "+" delete it and you can get in. [All credit on the planet: TehUberOne]   read

4:10 AM on 05.31.2007

Dtoid = Ruler of Mudkipz

Pic inside {8[=]}   read

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