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i am hardcoreness. nothing more to be said.
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2:18 PM on 05.20.2009

So I admit that I have a TV that supports only 480i/480p/1080i. Blame the economy, blame me, who cares. I went out to the wonderful GameStop yesterday and bought the new UFC game for the PS3. Now I looked before I bought it to see if it had 1080i HD support before I made my purchase. The back of the box says "SUpported HD Video Output 720p/1080i. Sweet! Even in my low-class standing I can still enjoy the wonders of HD UFC action.

Or Not.

You see, upon start-up the title switches to one of the 480 options. Unlike every other title that I have added to my collection that "Supports" 1080i, the crap ass programmers at THQ managed to fuck up and shit dick the games output performance. After calling the customer service line for clarification, I was told the PS3 version only plays in 720p. The 1080i on the box means that the title "PLAY ON A TV THAT SUPPORTS 1080i BUT WILL NOT OUTPUT IN THAT RESOLUTION. False advertising bullshit from a game company? Shocker.

PS - THQ...FUCK YOU. I have been involved in making games for over 6 years. I might actually know a little something about video output resolutions. Just to make sure that I wasn't wrong here, I did a check on my debug system and the only supported resolutions available for the PS3 version are 480i/480p/720p.