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Hi, my name is Matt, but you can call me doctor insidious, because that is much more awesome.
My top ten games:
9. Sam and Max
8. Gears 2
7. Tap Tap Revenge
6. We <3 Katamari
5. Castle Crashers
4. Persona 3
3. Braid
2. Crayon Physics
1. Cave Story

I am one of the few people who actually know how to program in this world. And by program I mean know how to use pointers.

#include <stdio.h>

#define COCKS 0

int main (int argc, char **argv)
printf("Hi I'm doctor insidious\n"
"This is the most useless program I have ever seen\n");
return COCKS;
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Take note, most of this won't make sense to you if you haven't read any of my previous blogs.

Well, Wondercon's tomorrow. It's actually today, but no one ever goes on a Friday, plus I have school, so I'm going tomorrow. I'm pretty psyched.
But that is not what I wanted to talk about, no, I wanted to talk about something much different.
God I'm tired. I guess school does that too you.
(I don't want to talk about that either).
As some of you know, I am, or was, programming a game engine. I think the last post I did on it was a while back, and in that post I showed you a bit of the language I was creating.
As good at programming as I may have sounded in that article, I was shit at it, and because of that I have scrapped that project and I am now, under the sponsorship of the school (the class I am in now's main homework assignment is pretty much "do what ever you want"), I am working on it again. The previous language I had written was horrible, it used a stack of 1000 variables, the syntax was unbearable, and I didn't expect anyone to use it. I didn't even know how to use malloc, much less pointers. The new language I am creating (a very large amount is done), in contrast, is very, very, good (excuse my humility). No, it's not that good, but it does employ some very fucking clever shit for OOP and arrays, which I will tell you about as soon as it's implemented, is garbage collected, and supports multithreading. Anyway, here is a sample piece of code for you, one that I will probably spend 10 minutes on. All for you. Lucky bastards.

# In file main.rua This is a comment.
defunc addFive(* def aPointer)
abcd(= aPointer + aPointer 5);
defunc returnAddFive(def aLocalVar)
abcdreturn (+ aLocalVar 5);

(= def notInAFunc (* rand() 100));

if (|| (&& (!= notInAFun 5) (> 3 notInAFunc)) (== notInAFunc 2.667)

And there are else statements and whatever. God I'm tired.

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