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5:35 PM on 04.17.2009

Persona 4 wallet:

Here is a wallet I painted on for my friend's birthday (My friend will announce his birthday tomorrow)....

Front is nothing special... but the other side:

Bam! Booyah!

I was going to do the p4 logo on the front but I messed up. Also the inside's a bit messy still...

but I will fix that in a little while. What do you think? I think im going to paint one for him every year!   read

8:09 PM on 04.14.2009

Short Blog: Sophisticated art humor tuesday. (NVGR)

One day in gym class, I told the eventful story of a man and another man at a hot dog stand in the city (fictional, I made it up). Per request of my friend, here is a comic version (my drawing sucks, I didn't want to get the tablet out). If you don't like it, blame him.
The image is a little big, so I suggest instead (in order to get the full story) clicking Here.
Second order of business, go on to facebook, go to the groups page, and search up eggnostic:
We are willing to accept that eggnog exists, we're just not totally convinced.
until next time... bye.   read

8:43 PM on 04.06.2009

The Gp2x Wiz vs. The DSi

How many of you are reading this seething with anger just at the thought that somebody could think that the Nintendo DSi wasn't all that great. I mean, sure, all the new additions look pretty cool and well executed,but I continue to get the eerie feeling that Nintendo is moving away from being a video game company and more of a media company. For example, some of the new features include: Cameras (2), Image editing, wireless browser, bigger screen, download shop, music, music editing-thing, share you image, and NO MORE GBA SLOT (sure there downloadable games on the shop, but come on, minus points for being a dousche bag). Not many of those new features are related to games.

So now I introduce to you this: The GP2X Wiz:

Pretty nice, eh? What it is is an open-source hand held game console. some features are: Touch screen, SD card slot (for developers), Really-loud speakers, video, music, ebooks, calender, 3D card... never mind me, here's a list for youself:

Now your thinking: pish, that thing must have so few games, why would I ever want something with so few games??
Few COMMERCIAL games, yes, but the gp2x is not lacking in indie games and emulators, for example, CAVE STORY! YAY! My favorite game! As for emulation, here is a video of the Wiz emulating some games:
(Also let me note that since the SDK is free, games will flow in rather quickly)
The company that makes them is a Korean firm called Game Park Holdings. They will be at E3 for all of you interested.   read

3:17 PM on 03.28.2009

"d" Game Development Blog Two: Male Character Design Final Draft & A Contest Of Sorts

After A couple of Days of hard labor, I have come up with a final draft of the male character in my game titled "d". If you don't know what I'm talking about, here are two prior blog posts: Dev Blog One, The Game's premise. Done? Good, now here here is the male character in phase one, Keep in mind I'm trying to make the characters as hip as possible so the kids can relate to them:

Pretty hip, huh? Here is the male character in phase two:

very hip indeed. Some time eventually, I will be showing off the game sprites & the female character design.
Contest of sorts: Write a story for "d" in the comments and get featured in the game!
That's right! In the game! Here are the rules:
-Must include 2 characters (male and female),
-The 2 characters need to have sex at one point (build up their relationship)
-The characters must have questions which they go to "The All Knowing Old Man" to answer,
- And you must include this phrase of dialogue to be spoken by an enemy: "MATURE? More like IMmature!

That is all for now. See you in some time eventually!   read

2:29 PM on 03.24.2009

"d" Game Dev Blog One: Character Design and Mechanics (Not Commercial Video Game Related)

Im sorry to say but this will be a relatively short blog post, as I wanted to get this out as fast as possible. This is the first of many dev blogs relating to the video game I am making titled "d". For more information about the game and its premise, please click HERE. Enlightened? good. Now on to the game.

I wanted the characters to be as hip as possible. You can tell by their T Shirts that they are "Hip". Their shoes are vans, so they are therefor "Hip".
Game Mechanics:
The only way this game can be made, I feel, is as a top-down, Zelda style JRPG. The combat will be Final Fantasy style, but the bush-trimming combat will be Zelda style.

That's it for now. Bye. Please leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments section.   read

11:54 PM on 03.19.2009

Expanded Universe: The Transformation of Movie Genres into Games

It recently has accoured to me that there are a lot of movies and television shows based off games, many of
which are good, however, there are not many video games that have been made (Aside from retro capcom
knock offs) that are really good. There is no movie game that subjects the player to a deep thematic question
that was unquestioned in the origional film.

This is a problem

Which is where I come in. This should probably been stated in the title, but this blog is also a dev blog. I could
never make a spin off of a movie, the indie community would hate me (due to this game being one of
complete serousness and not a parody). So instead I am going to make a game based on a genre that only
movies have been able to explore the extreme intellectual, thematic, and questioning of.

Health/Puberty movies

I know you think it can't be done. Maybe you think that the player will not be able to comprehend such varied
emotions the main character goes through, maybe you think the game will not be as nerve racking and
psychologicaly miss-matching condensed into a 30 hour gameplay experience, maybe you have some other
reason, but whatever you think, I assure you I am up to the task. And even if the game does not make it up to
the mega monuments of achievements whish have been built by the films (most notably "Nightmare on
Puperty Street", which even has a theater adaption of the first), isn't it worth exploring? How are we to finally
see the day where children are encouraged regularly to go out and JPG? Friends, members of the vast Dtoid
community, this is our chance!

In the next dev blog I will be exploring the game mechanics of The Game. Please post any ideas you have for
a name in the comments section.   read

9:49 AM on 03.16.2009

Happy birthday!!

No pictures this time! Just wanted to wish a happy birthday greeting to Niero (I think his real name is yanier)
and destructoid both! Have a cake!

(P.S. The cake is a lie)   read

2:50 PM on 03.14.2009

Expanded Universes: The complete back story for everything sonic, other than the video games of course.

One of the fond memories I have as a child, besides playing actual sonic games, were sitting down each month on my bed, living room couch, or at the dinning table with a bowl of Cheerios, to continue the story of the Sonic the Hedgehog official comic book. If it was not the comic, it was a book, a DVD, or even the manual for some sonic related money crop. So, when Rev Anthony posted the new theme, I dived immediately into that box in the attic, dusted off my old book of photographs, and prepared to recollect the stories, which, I can safely say, are all very unique. They also need to be categorized, because that's just the way I am.

1. The TV shows:
All though looking back you could say the shows were terrible, which they were, you have to admit that the stories in them were a lot more interesting then the Nintendo shows, which all had the same plot as the game. Except for Sega's first try to enter the television market:

-The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, actually had the same story as the game, and what I mean by that is it had no story. Produced by DIC Entertainment (that all ways made me chuckle), it kept children safe from sexual predators for two seasons. The next show, however, did have a story.

-Sonic the Hedgehog was dubbed as "Dark and heavy" by the first show's creator. I took a look at this show's plot summary on Wikipedia, just to make sure I remembered, and it's like 10 paragraphs long! So let me abridge: On the planet Mobius, at around the 33rd century, Dr. Robotnik took over the city (I'm not sure which). The rebels of knot hole (They live underground, and the entrance is through a tree stump. That joke took me half my life to figure out) do as their name entitles them, against Dr. Dumpy. yay. The third TV program was called
-"Sonic Underground", was about sonic, along with his brother and sister (WTF????) trying to find their mother. This one featured rock music, communism, and source material for the funniest YouTube poop ever. Also there was Sonic X, which had a giant gasm ball transport all of the Mobius creatures to Earth. Cruel, but true. PIDA's gonna have a fit.

2.The Movie:

Yes, there is a movie. IT IS THE SHIT. YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO SEE IT. Yes, the slogan is indeed terrible: "Catch some tails" sounds like a pedophile term, but it does not matter at all. Look at what I found on wikipedia:

These are the following scenes edited from the movie.
* Sara calls Metal Sonic a "pervert" when he and Sonic crash into Eggman's ship and he crashes through the bottom and accidentally looks up her dress. Sonic, who basically sees, feels and thinks everything Metal Sonic does, has an adverse effect on this event.This is probably why he blushes. However, it could have possibly been the effect of him landing on his groin on Eggman's Eggmobile.
* In one scene, Miles "Tails" Prower accidentally grabs Sara's breasts. This causes Knuckles to state, "I never thought you'd stoop that low!"
* In one scene, it appears that Sonic is showing the middle finger at Metal Robotnik.
* In a daydream when Eggman proposes to marry Sara, she is shown pregnant and breastfeeding one of Eggman's babies.
* When Knuckles was caught in the 'glue' Robotnik was shooting at the trio, Knuckles shouted, "Now I'm stuck!". In the original Japanese OVA, he shouts "Shit!", but in the subtitles he yells "damn it!"
* In the before Sonic lands in the shrubbery after his first fight with Metal Sonic, Robotnik says "That hedgehog will never again be a pain in my ass!"

3.The Comic Book:
At first, the comic book was very shallow, consisting of slapstick humor, and the same story as the second television show. I still have the fist issue, sitting there up on my wall, signed. Alas, though, they did to the comic everything when they should have done nothing, like what SEGA did with the Genesis. It no longer was the world of Dr. Robotnik vs. The rebels, but instead became the doctor vs. The world. They expanded too much, and in the end my heart was shattered.

I better stop this, my heart strings are getting a little tugged.
How should I end this... Aha!

9:35 PM on 03.09.2009

Does anybody honestly like this shit anymore? (NVGR)

I am of course talking about the comic strip titled "Blondie". If
you have ever even glanced at the comics section in a
newspaper, you probably know what it is. It has been running
for over 70 years and appears in over 2500 newspapers.
Origionally, the comic had a very interesting story, witty
humor, and was pretty well drawn. Over the years, the comic
strip has become dull, repetitive, and any story that was ever in
there has been washed away by years and years of appeasing
the relentless old men with alzheimers who say that it should
remain recurring.
What ever was funny about that comic strip was gone long
since the son of the creator created a "Dagwood Bumstead
sandwich chain". Ew.
Here is what just about 1/7 of the comic strips are like:
Dagwood:(getting out of bed) "I need to make a (sandwich/ham
and cheese/pastrami/chicken sandwich/cock)"
Blondie:"I'm going to go (shopping/be a bitch)"
Dagwoody:"do you have to spend my (money/pennis)"
Dithers:(on phone)"UR FIRED"
dagpennis:(eats his goddamn sandwich/pennis)

Serously, call you newspaper and protest this shit. I know I can't
be alone in hating this crap. Next thing you know, a game is
going to come out on wiiware titled "Dagwood's sandwich eater
EXTREME"   read

1:01 AM on 03.06.2009

Top Ten (minus four) Free Games For Your iPhone: Also, Catch Phrases

Now that the dust has settled and that everyone seems to have an iPhone or iPod, I decided I would post a
blog exposeing the top ten best iPhone/iPod games (not counting lite versions) for all of you too lazy just to
press the "Top Ten" button on the appstore. BTW, I have a list of killer catch phrases me and my friend put
together for video games at the end. Aheheh, let us begin:

Number One: Tap Tap Revenge 2
Okay, so I may have a little bit of a biase towards tapulous, as I am a beta tester, but come on, when was the
last time you played a rythem game for something besides the tits or the highscores? Don't lie. It's been a
while hasn't it? It's pretty hard to believe but ttr2 is probably one of the most beautiful games I have played in
months. The iTunes visiualizer is pretty much the closet comparison to it that I can think of. also the gameplay
kicks ass.

Number Two: Every game in the Papi series
These games are the We Love Katamari of the iPhone. There's not much I can say about them other than
they are very addictive, cute and user friendly.

Number Three: Jelly Car
Very fun physics simulation-esque car game. Very simplistic with equally minimalistic controls. The only
complaint I have is that sometimes the physics make a level impossible to complete, but other than that, I was
enjoying my self as I puked bunnies and rainbows.

Number Four: rRootage
A good basic shmup with a catch(es): you have an endless stream of bullets in which you do not control to
fight against a never ending boss. Pretty darn fun, but the rape gets some getting used to.

Number Five: Space Deadbeef
This app gets props for being fun, unique, having a rather fucked up name AND makeing me hungry! All at
the same time!

Number Six: Cube Runner
This game is an exact clone of the online flash game of the same name, so if you want a review, go play that.

Thats all I got, so here are some catch phrases me and my friends CAME up with. The theme is "Hackers vs.
Admins in an online fps":
"Perma Banned!"
"337 this! (not misspelled)"
"Im sorry but your thread has been deleted!"
"Hows that for 'lulz'?"
"No, it is your penis which is small!"
"Spin this right round!"
"can has vctry lul?"
"u suxor"
"tits or gtfo"
"that's what she said lolilololol"
"NO U"   read

3:14 PM on 02.22.2009

Art blag 2: Would you want this on a t-shirt?

Here is a bunch of Abstract art i did, Would you like it on a t-shirt? NO.

I am not a troll btw, please believe me.   read

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