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4:54 AM on 02.27.2010

Battlefield BC2 - Expertise Guide - Land Vehicles

WARNING: This guide may make you make you better, thereby elevating you above the skill level of most players. Be prepared to get pissed off at teammates who don't grasp it's contents.

In this blog (and potentially following entries) I want to summarize some little known, extensively play tested, trade secret "know-how" to help you master basic game mechanics in order to shine head and shoulder above your contemporaries.

Basically I want you to:

Pwn the crap out of everyone in the game, have the highest score on the post game leaderboards, b*tch at your teammates for not pulling their weight, and have the K/D to back it up when they start whining. ...because I'm sick of doing it for you.

I promise if you take these simple steps and attempt to master them you will not only improve your kill/death ratio, win/loss ratio, and score output, but you will have an absolute blast and will get 300% more enjoyment out of your Battlefield experience.

This is a package value that's worth at least $19.95!

***Thank for bringing this blog to you free of charge.***

There are hundreds of things to master in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The more things you start to understand the more you will realize how little you do understand. Fortunately to be a real l33t player all you have to do is focus on a few small things first. The more you grasp one certain concept or skill, you'll find you have a better understanding of the world and understand more difficult concepts with ease. Understanding 1 + 1 = 2 is more important than trying to figure out 7 X 3 + 1 / 11.

Here are 3 things to get you started. They are very simple concepts but I can't believe how often I see people who don't grasp them.

This entry focuses mainly on land vehicles. At first I was uncomfortable but after many, many hours playing the game I realized how important the vehicles were to success. I sought to master them and I feel that to better understand the general scope of the game you should as well.

1. Learn how to use the Tanks.

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, there are two single shot "heavy" tanks (T90 MBT - Russia, M1A2 Abrams - US) and two "light" tanks (BMD-3 Bakhcha APC - Russia, M3A3 Bradley - US). Mastering the tanks is the quickest way to pad your stats and get mad points. Try to take each one for a test drive.

When I say "take it for a test drive" I absolutely DO NOT mean drive it 5 feet, park it on a hill or in the middle of the road and shoot randomly at objectives. I don't care if you've done this before and gotten a few kills or even managed to take down an M-Com station. Don't do this. Yes, you can level buildings and kill a few stragglers but ultimately your not doing anything with lasting value. Not only is it annoying but your teammates will eventually get mad at you when they are trying to attack the objectives and you are just shooting somewhere that doesn't matter. It is good strategy to destroy buildings occupied with enemies or M-Com stations but the best way to do that is up close.

Multiple tracers and even more RPGs all headed his way. Don't camp with the tank... Please. Stop.

Experiment with the different control schemes. Figure out how to move quickly and change your view from 1st to 3rd person. I'm not saying this because its obvious, I'm saying it because its the most important thing you need to do besides shooting. A stationary tank is the first thing anyone with any sort of intelligence is going to shoot at. The weak points on all of the tanks are the sides (treads) and the back. The best way to avoid death is to move forward, stop for a few seconds (switch views) and back up. Repeat often between shots.

Pressing "Down" on the d-pad will let you see behind your field of view. Do this often to try and catch enemies sneaking up on you. Moving back and forth makes you a harder target for C4, RPGs, and enemy tank fire. I have survived many 1v1 tank battles simply by moving back in forth in non-predictable patterns. It also helps to try and practice shooting in 3rd person for quick infantry kills (I don't recommend it against enemy tanks however).

This driver is paying attention to his surroundings and changing views constantly. He gets two kills and a road kill on someone that was trying to plant C4.

Firing is simple- do it often. Despite how the tanks are able to accurately hit targets at long ranges, they are absolute kill machines at short range. Remember that gravity and distance affects everything. Teach yourself through repetition shooting, don't trust the onscreen cross-hairs. Aim slightly higher then your target and lead out fast moving vehicles. When shooting at enemy tanks always aim for the sides. One shot to the treads of an enemy tank does more damage then 2 shots head on. When shooting at infantry, try hard never to shoot at them directly. To be most effective aim at the ground in the direction they are walking or standing, as splash damage is more reliable then a direct hit.

Also for those who don't know, tanks can cross a variety of terrain. If you are looking at a steep drop or are unsure if you can mount something, the best way to go is slow. Long falls and ramming into objects (as well as friendly vehicles) will cause damage. If you cant get where your trying to go, back up and go another way.

2. Learn how to ride (Tanks and Vodnik/Humvee).

Tanks do more then drive and shoot in BFBC2. The "heavy" tanks allow one rider and the "light" tanks allow up to 3 passengers. This allows you a perfect opportunity to score easy kills. Any team that would rather play then die will try and take out your ride. ITS YOUR JOB TO MAKE SURE THEY DON'T. Enemy players will assault your tank with C4, RPGs, Tracer Darts, Mortar Strikes, Stationary Anti Tank weapons, and Mines. Every one of those attacks take time and it gives you, the rider, opportunity to keep your tank running.

see the +1? his gunner was asleep apparently...

If you are riding, you need to be constantly scanning in any/all directions you have to look. Chances are your driver is looking forward. Support him by looking backward because he cant see the enemy infantry closing in from the sides. If you are shooting in the same direction the tank is looking you are in competition with him for kills (unless you are being overrun from the front) and ultimately you will both lose. Not only this, but he can see your gunfire in the direction he is looking and it will distract him.

If you look, there is an APC right next to them too. Stop looking that way! Which is more important, kills or LIFE?

Just because you are in the gunner's seat does not mean you should be shooting. You will distract the tank driver, you will run out of bullets when you actually need them (the guns do overheat) and you will get taken out by a helicopter or some random enemy excited about his double kill. The best thing you can do is simply be aware of whats going on around you. If you know there's a helicopter somewhere, watch the skies. Pay close attention to the locations of Stationary AT weapons, they are marked on your mini map and are usually close to main roads/choke points. Remember that range is your best ally. Again, the guns are accurate at long ranges but shooting far away keeps you from looking around and lets everyone on the map know your position. It is possible and beneficial to be sneaky even with tanks.

Learn which objects are penetrable. Brush, trees, some concrete walls (chip-able), and wooden/light metal facades are things you can shoot at if you think enemies are hiding. Nothing else.

Its the same for the Vodnik/Humvee transport vehicles. Don't shoot if you have nothing to shoot at and do shoot at enemy infantry. Do shoot at helicopters as all mounted and vehicle MGs are deadly to Apaches. Speaking of helicopters, the Russian Bakhcha APC is equipped with an Anti Aircraft weapon as its default 2nd seat. This is specifically designed to take down helicopters. If there is one in the sky you should be shooting at it- if the sky is clear, you shouldn't be on it at all. Your an easy target for infantry and your not going to hurt anyone.

Lastly, only sacrifice yourself if you think the kill you are going to get is important. Never try to go down with the ship, you running on the ground is 100% more effective then getting blown up. If there is a loud beeping sound it means you need to rethink riding. Tanks (vehicles even more so) are not invincible, and you must know when its a good time to abandon your wheels. If you hear a prolonged beeping sound it means someone has tagged the tank with a tracer and an RPG is on its way. While the tagging system is not perfected in BFBC2, your tank will take DOUBLE DAMAGE if a tracer assisted RPG strikes it. When you do eject, try to look around as quick as you can. Enemies will expect you to come running out and if you know whats happening around you, you can avoid death and keep fighting. And if you didn't know, the transport vehicles have no threshold for damage. If you see an enemy holding an RPG in the distance, it might already be too late for you to make an exit.

3. Learn when to use what.

Save your teammates some frustration. Don't hop in a vehicle and take off. When you get into a vehicle, wait 3-5 seconds and look at your mini map. If there is no one around- plug away. If it looks like someone is running towards your ride (or you hear gun fire hitting your window) hold up and let them get in. When you get where your going your teammate will show gratitude by trying to kill enemies around you.

The longer you stay on a mounted weapon the more likely you are to die. The best way to approach ATs/MGs are at the last second possible. Hop on, fire, hop off. The quicker you move the more likely you will get a 2nd chance (and tanks can go down with as little as 2 well placed AT shots).

This guy is getting hit with a UAV missle. Just sat there a little too long.

Just because you see a tank, helicopter, transport vehicle, or stationary weapon doesn't mean you need to run over there and hang out. Camping a vehicle so you can "test it" or "practice it" wont help your team. If there is an invasion force in front of you, don't leave your teammates. Conversely, don't camp a spot waiting for the vehicle to respawn, especially if your unsure about driving. The opposite team knows where your vehicles are and if your not sure about how good of a shot you are, they will take them away from you. Your teammates need you to be playing 100% of the time and waiting for the helicopter only to take off into a back flip isn't helping.

You do have to learn to operate the vehicles but don't sacrifice a good game for an attempt at it. Wait for a game your losing, or isn't full, or one your destroying the other team. If your team is trying hard to play, help by doing what you know how to do best.


That's it for now. Next I have a basic (yet understated) infantry guide planned but I would like to write more specified guides for each class and even weapons.

Please comment if you would like me to stop or continue, hope these guides make some of you think differently, and thanks for reading!

About the writer: "djvlive" (or xbox live gamertag "Valis R8000"), is an avid gamer from birth and has been a long time veteran of First Person Shooter games originating with Quake and Half Life: CounterStrike/Team Fortress Classic on PC. He has been playing DICE games since their first game release on the Amiga computer (Pinball Fantasies - 1992). Briefly foraying into the Battlefield series with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and Battlefield: 2142, he found true roots with the Xbox 360 release of Battlefield: Bad Company. Spending well over 300 hours on Battlefield: Bad Company/Battlefield: 1943 he seized opportunities to place high on Xbox 360 (as well as global) leaderboards and rub shoulders with greats including clans: xD12x, xUWNx, T4S, xUAFx, and many others. Recently he held a consistent position in the top 50 on Xbox 360 leaderboards for the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo, his highest placing at 24th.   read

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