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I've lived 100% of my life in Texas. That year and a half in Oklahoma don't count because, well, it was Oklahoma.

When I'm not working or spending time with the wife, then I'm gaming (unless it's one of those rare occasions that I actually spend some time practicing my djing). I love all types of games except sports games. I especially love RPGs and action games.

I currently do administrative work for a major university, but I hope to eventually get an MBA and work in the game industry on the business side of things.

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The first ever (I think) Dtoid Southwest NARP is on Saturday, July 26th!  Holy shit that's less than a month away.  I'm crazy excited to be doing this, but I'm still kinda guessing as to how many people will actually be showing up.  Therefore, I've gone ahead and made a Facebook page for the NARP.  You can see it here.  If you plan on going, then add yourself to the guest list (you may have to add me as a friend first, which is totally okay).  If you don't have Facebook and you don't want to make a Facebook account, but you still want to go to the NARP, then you can email me at djnealb@gmail.com and let me know that you'll be coming.  You can also send me a PM on twitter if you have that.  My twitter is @djnealb.  The more people that tell me they're coming the better I can plan stuff like food and drinks and whatnot.  Plus, if we get enough people, then maybe I can plan for us to go somewhere other than just my house (I can plan that a little closer to the date if need be).  If you want to help with some of the planning or talk about the NARP, then check out the Dtoid Southwest NARP forum thread over in the Destructoid Forums (we have them).  Anywho, I hope to see as many of y'all as possible, and as always...


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