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Nerd. Dork. Geek. Singer. Gamer. DJ. Husband. I'm lots of things.

I've lived 100% of my life in Texas. That year and a half in Oklahoma don't count because, well, it was Oklahoma.

When I'm not working or spending time with the wife, then I'm gaming (unless it's one of those rare occasions that I actually spend some time practicing my djing). I love all types of games except sports games. I especially love RPGs and action games.

I currently do administrative work for a major university, but I hope to eventually get an MBA and work in the game industry on the business side of things.

Currently one of the cohosts on PStoid! Check us out.
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This is the final reminder for the first ever Dtoid Southwest NARP which is happening next Saturday, July 26th.  You can check out the Facebook page for the event here.  You can also get in on the conversation about the NARP over on the forum thread.  Or you can tell me over on Twitter (@djnealb) if you’ll be coming.  I hope to see as many people as possible show up.


The first ever (I think) Dtoid Southwest NARP is on Saturday, July 26th!  Holy shit that's less than a month away.  I'm crazy excited to be doing this, but I'm still kinda guessing as to how many people will actually be showing up.  Therefore, I've gone ahead and made a Facebook page for the NARP.  You can see it here.  If you plan on going, then add yourself to the guest list (you may have to add me as a friend first, which is totally okay).  If you don't have Facebook and you don't want to make a Facebook account, but you still want to go to the NARP, then you can email me at and let me know that you'll be coming.  You can also send me a PM on twitter if you have that.  My twitter is @djnealb.  The more people that tell me they're coming the better I can plan stuff like food and drinks and whatnot.  Plus, if we get enough people, then maybe I can plan for us to go somewhere other than just my house (I can plan that a little closer to the date if need be).  If you want to help with some of the planning or talk about the NARP, then check out the Dtoid Southwest NARP forum thread over in the Destructoid Forums (we have them).  Anywho, I hope to see as many of y'all as possible, and as always...


Hello again!

You may remember that a few months ago I posted a Cblog announcing the first ever (I think) Dtoid Southwest NARP.  If you don't remember, then go check it out here.  Don't worry, I'll wait...

Did you read it?  Awesome.  So, it's been a few months and I've gotten a bit of feedback over in the forums (WE HAVE THEM!), but now that it's almost June, I figure it's time that I start really laying some plans down.  

So here's the deal.  If you're reading this, and you really like the community at Destructoid, AND you just so happen to live in the American Southwest, I want you to come to my house on July 26th.  We'll definitely hang at my place, play some games and all that good stuff, but, the way I see it, the more people that come, the more stuff we can do.  Austin, Texas has no shortage of really cool shit for people to do.  Not that far from my house is Pinballz ArcadeThe Goodnight (awesome restaurant/bar/bowling alley with a retro feel), and some other pretty cool places that I'm probably just not thinking of.

There are plenty of ways to let me know that you'll be coming (or that you're thinking of coming, but just not 100% sure yet).  You can send me a private message over in the Destructoid Forums, or you can message me on either Facebook or twitter.  Also, feel free to hop into the discussion on the Dtoid Southwest NARP thread in the forums if you have any ideas for the NARP that you'd like to share.  I'm welcome to any and all ideas.  

So, with that said,

and I hope to see y'all real soon.

10:06 AM on 03.20.2014

So what originally started as trying to get a few Texans together for a monthly gaming thing (Juegos Rancheros for those interested) ended up involving a few people from Arizona as well. One thing led to another and now I am eagerly anticipating on holding another NARP. But this time, instead of restricting it to only Austin or Texas in general, I'm including everybody, but specifically the American Southwest.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you have the cognitive capacity to read and understand the words that I'm typing, and you live in one of the states colored in in the above pic, then it means that I'm inviting you to my house on Saturday, July 26th. Really, any and every Dtoider is invited if you think you can make it.

There is more planning that I'll have to do, but I just wanted to make sure that everybody knew about it and kept it on their radars. Any and all suggestions/ideas/letting me know you'll be there are greatly appreciated. Feel free to post something here, on my twitter (@djnealb), or you can email me (  You can also help with some of the planning/ideas by talking about it in the forum thread here.  In the meantime...

...and I hope to see y'all real soon.

So there I was, working in my office. Well, "working" would probably be more appropriate, but I'm sure some actual work was also getting done as well. Anyway, a student of the major university that I work for walks in for his scheduled appointment with an advisor. The student takes a seat just happens to notice several of the gaming paraphernalia that I have on my desk, including one spectacular bobblehead at the corner.

Not only is the student a gamer, but he also happens to be a fellow Dtoider. We then start talking about games and what we've been playing. What we look for in games, what we're highly anticipating (as it happens we're both pretty stoked for Borderlands 2). We also started talking about older games and how we are both building up (or rebuilding, as it where) our classic games collections. I happened to mention offhand that I have been wanting to buy an N64 for a while now, but I can never justify it because every time I got to a used game store I remind myself that I'm trying to save money for a wedding and a honeymoon. If you just read that sentence in 7 seconds or less, then that is about the exact amount of time that I said it. As I said, it was an offhanded comment which I didn't even think twice about and we started talking about other favorite old game systems.

The student gets called into his appointment and leaves. I'm pretty happy because I don't actually get to talk about games very often at my job, and this was even better since it was with a fellow Dtoider. I begin "working" again and about 25 minutes later the same student stops back at my office. "Hey Neal," he says. "You said you were looking for an N64, right? Well, I've got one that you can have. Consider it an early wedding gift." I was definitely not expecting this, and was actually worried that I might get in trouble for accepting a gift from a student. This was on Friday, so I thought that he would be like a typical student (i.e. like I was back when I was a student) and probably just forget about it over the weekend.

Nope. When did college students actually start remembering the promises that they make to people that they only just met? He actually calls my office on Monday to make sure that I'll be there and that he'll drop it off before 5. So obviously I'm a bit worried again and go to talk to my supervisor. I explain the situation and my boss understands my trepidation, but he says that since I'm not really in a position to give him any sort of favorable treatment for anything, and since he's just giving it to me as a friend, then there's nothing wrong. So there we have it. I get an N64 (thanks for including Super Mario 64, btw), an new friend, and I'm not in trouble at work. Thanks JotGarden!

For those of you who may not know what Legend of Dragoon was, shame on you! Legend was a PS1 era JRPG developed by Sony. It was, arguably, one of the better RPGs of that generation and was criminally ignored by the masses. I have been dreaming of a continuation to the story (be it either a prequel or sequel) for a very long time. I'm not going to go into the whole "the story of Legend of Dragoon starts with..." thing. That's what Wikipedia is for. What I'd like to do is give my reasons for why I've been wanting a new LoD for so long. Oh, and there might be a few spoiler-y things here, so you've been warned.

The ending itself doesn't really beg for a sequel, though I'm pretty sure the right story tellers could definitely make one.. The story itself, however, practically demands a prequel. Through the course of LoD, you learn of an ancient war between the humans and Winglies (think of them as a sort of advance human with wings of light). The Winglies had practically every advantage conceivable over the humans. They were faster, stronger, and could fly, so to end he humans made a pact with some dragons to gain their powers (or something like that, it's been a while since I played). That's practically a game in itself. Just call it Legend of Dragoon: The Dragon Campaign (as it was called in the first game)

You also find out during the course of the game that Rose, the Black Dragoon, has been alive the whole time since the end of The Dragon Campaign and was known as The Black Monster for killing "the moon child" every 108 years. There could easily be an action game that delves into some of that history.

Anyway, this has been a dream of mine since I first finished Legend of Dragoon all those years ago. Especially more so since it's just been announced that it will finally be released on the PlayStation Network on May 1st (which just so happens to be the day before my birthday). I sincerely hope as many people will buy it as possible. It would literally be a dream come true if a sequel were to be made based on the amazing sales of this rereleased title.