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"It's like what Lenin said, you look for the person who will benefit, and uh..."
"I am the Walrus."

General Stuff
Hey y'all, I'm a college student (sophomore) who games a lot on the side. Been playing games since I was 2 (played Asteroids on a computer, Super Mario Land on an original Gameboy). I'm always down for some online play, I usually don't play games online with people I don't "know" in some way or another (whether I know them through the internet or not is irrelevant, I'm just not a fan of random play). I'm on Destructoid in the hopes of meeting some folks to play a variety of games casually with (maybe seriously if you want). Basically, I'm a chill dude, and I'll only trash talk you if I'm playing you in person. That way you can sock me in the arm when it gets annoying. That's how I grew up playing games, and it's how I play games now.

Consoles I Play On
Nowadays it's mostly PS3 and PS2, though I play my DS casually from time to time. I'm building a computer for gaming this summer, and I'm looking to get good at TF2, L4D1/2, and other shooters on that. On the PS3, I play a ton of rhythm and fighting games (and by rhythm games, I mean "Rock Band"). Fighting games are a little more broad. I have KoFXII, BlazBlue, SSFIITHDR, MvC2, SFIV and SSFIV, but I'm pretty trash at all of them. Part of my reason for finally coming out of eternal lurking here on Destructoid is to get good at the latter, and I feel some "rivals" and friendly competition is gonna help push me to do better at that.

So Yeah...
I'm a dude. I play games. Let's do this.
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