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I've been gaming for 25 years and own a p.c., Nintendo advance ds, Psone, Xbox, Ps3. I like a lot of differing types of games and have some strong opinions about the current and future state of gaming. I don't support or buy any ones that have Online pass/1 time use codes as its simply double dipping into second hand sales when they already made their money on the original sale. No other industry in the world makes money off the second sale of their product after its been sold already so why should gaming be any different to everything else?
I don't buy/support digital games either as they have no resale value and remove the ability to lend that game to friends/family.. not to mention if your console or net craps out you no longer have a game lol! DLC I don't mind as long as its not released not long after the games released and only then if its in physical form, not digital.
Games like Rage and Batman AC really have taken this whole "lets shit on gamers" to a whole new level by forcing all offline gamers (18.5 million Xbox 360 owners are not online) to miss out on single player game content simply because they have no internet. These actions are the most harmful actions ever put upon gamers in my view and how any gamer can support such games defies logic, why support something that hurts you or your fellow gamers? Stupidity personified.

If I listed my favourite games of all time I'd be here all day and you'd be reading for a longtime so I'll just put my favourite 3 games of 2011, k here goes:
1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
2. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
3. Sonic Generations

Best game so far in 2012: Kingdomgs of Amalur: Reckoning, with Binary Domain a close second.

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