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disgaeniac's blog

2:47 PM on 03.21.2012

Gaming/Gamers W/ Handicaps & Disabilities

Okay. I didn't make a very good impression w/ my 1st topic here. I was angry when I wrote it, and I misunderstood D*Toid's set-up. What this means, is that I read a 'Front Page' Topic (and the following comments)...and I...   read

11:00 AM on 03.20.2012

Response to "Bioware writer's vagina vs The Internet" comments/forum

Heh. I hardly know where to start. This is my 1st attempt ever at any kind of blog, so I wouldn't be surprised in the least if I put lots of time into typing this-just to inadvertently delete it instead of actually posting ...   read

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