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2:47 PM on 03.21.2012

Gaming/Gamers W/ Handicaps & Disabilities

Okay. I didn't make a very good impression w/ my 1st topic here.

I was angry when I wrote it, and I misunderstood D*Toid's set-up.

What this means, is that I read a 'Front Page' Topic (and the following comments)...and I (wrongly) thought that the topic, comments, and posters here were representative of this site's members.

What I did was (again, wrongly & unfairly) generalize what now seems to be the majority of the community here.

To everyone that I mistakenly grouped into this category of ass-holes...I'm sorry that I ignorantly mis-directed my anger & disgust at those of you who were undeserving of it.

Some of you even went so far as to *be nice to me* spite of myself & my comments.
A couple of you went even farther by (rightfully;) pointing out & calling me out on my "crankiness" - and suggesting that I try this again once my mood had improved. Thank you, and I will give this a shot.
I'm not a writer/blogger, don't set your expectations too high, and hopefully, you won't be let down.

I'm a disabled gamer.

Long story short, I lost my left hand & wrist several years ago to an amputation.

I lived in the arcades as a teen (late 80's). My sister and I received an Atari 2600 (at launch) as a Christmas gift from our parents.

I played a (very) little on the NES, Colecovision, Commodore 64, Apple ][ E, and Intellivision.

Unlike most 'old-school' gamers - I stopped gaming...for a long time.

It was the 80's, my hair was long, METAL(lica) ruled the world, I got a guitar, learned a few power chords, met girls that liked guys w/ long hair that had guitars & knew power chords...and started socially & recreationally doing lots of the things that we did socially & recreationally in those days.

I ended up liking all of these things much more than school and/or gaming.
So, logically, I quit high school (later got a GED) and didn't think about gaming again until I got a PS 2 as a gift (about 2/3 of the way into its life-span).

I missed everything in between.

I now have a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP (3000), DSi-XL, and a Game-Cube.
I also have quite a few of the Turn-based RPG's & SRPG's for each of these systems.

So, to the point:

I'd like to 1st open this discussion up to anyone else who may be a gamer w/ any kind of disability/handicap.

Since my amputation, I've become (by necessity) much more aware & conscious of other people (like myself) who are passionate about gaming...but have obstacles to overcome in order to enjoy our hobby.
One big surprise (to me, at least) was how many color-blind gamers are out there (and how significant of an issue this presents in many games).

I'm not shy/insecure in my disability, I can take (and make) some pretty good "hand" jokes (like the nurse who looked at me, and asked me if I was right or left-handed;)

Many gamers aren't.
If you're one of them; please introduce yourself here.

Lastly, I'm always looking for/interested in game recommendations for games that would be playable w/ one hand - as well as devices which might enable me to broaden the amount of games that I can play.

I've already listed the consoles that I own, so please keep them in mind when suggesting games/devices.

Any thoughts related to gamers/gaming for people w/ handicaps & disabilities are welcome here.

Unfortunately, as an American, the amount of young men & women coming home from...wherever they may have been...w/ less limbs than when they arrived probably a larger demographic than most would think (although, certainly not a large enough one to influence the companies that develop & produce games.   read

11:00 AM on 03.20.2012

Response to "Bioware writer's vagina vs The Internet" comments/forum

Heh. I hardly know where to start.

This is my 1st attempt ever at any kind of blog, so I wouldn't be surprised in the least if I put lots of time into typing this-just to inadvertently delete it instead of actually posting it. I'm extremely 'un-tech-savvy'.

As a super-quick bio, I've been gaming since before the 2600 came out. I spent many hours of my youth in arcades, and when the 2600 came out, me & my sister got it at launch as a Christmas gift from our dad.

As for my history here on Destructoid, I've made one post (other than this) at the end of the comments section of Jim Sterling's review of the PS Vita. It's a shame that that topic seems to have died, because my comment was (partially) directed at Mr. Sterling.

The reason that's my only post is that, the better part of (and right now I'm talking about the people commenting in this topic)...the Destructoid Community seems to be made up of (for the most this thread, Cancerman and Arttemis seem to be the exceptions here since their posts actually seem to be intelligent, well-thought out, presented in an effective & mature manner, and knowledgeable (and yes, I may have missed 1 or 2 other names here-but certainly not much more than that) clueless, ignorant, close-minded, immature, incoherent, inarticulate, and whiny Internet tough guys & assholes.

With the few exceptions stated...are the rest of you people commenting here just retarded (at least excusing your idiocy); or just ass-holes (w/ no real excuse)?

First: The lady said that she didn't like games. She didn't say that she has never played games. Usually, when someone has a like/dislike's because they have indeed tried/experienced it. Furthermore, she gave examples of some games she played and stated what she liked/didn't like about them.

Second: So. Fucking. What?
That's all irrelevant. She does not need to love/play games any more than a composer needs to be able to love & play every single instrument that will be played!
I understand that many gamers may be jealous of her ability to make a living writing for the games that they're so passionate about,.
Her ability to write dialogue for games, in no way, needs her (or anyone) to play & enjoy games.

Third: Almost every job, (shit-even when I worked as a waiter the place dedicated a week to it) has an Orientation period. I'm sure that a large, wealthy company like Bioware is no different.
I'm not positive, and I can't source this, but I'd bet that after her orientation period at Bioware...she would already be more knowledgeable about what's entailed in the making-of a video game than most of us (myself included) gamers who argue and throw around 'pre-requisites & requirements (read: assumptions) about who is/isn't qualified to write for a game.

Fourth: Where's all the anger/rage coming from when someone (I don't care about his job title) calls a bunch of "fucking morons"...well...he called them (accurately)..."fucking morons"

Fifth: Concerning the whole "heart of this rage/argument"; let's address the whole "being able to skip gameplay" thing. Why the fuck not?
It would be entirely understandable if the skipping of gameplay = the stripping of gameplay.
It doesn't. For those of you who love your gameplay - it's still there. It opens up a larger audience (more people will buy the games), which, in theory, as gamers...we should all be entirely for.
Theoretically, the more games that sell = the more profit for the devs & publishers = the more games we will get.

Lastly: I'll be a little honest & personal here in explaining my disgust for most of you.

According to the research (and backed by the sales of games like CoD), it appears that the majority of gamers are males in there late-teens to late 20's.
This should suggest that just about all gamers should (at the least) know some people who have spent time in Iraq/Afghanistan, and other places. Hell, some of you may have even spent some time there yourselves.

One reason for my disgust is that I've spent several years in several jails in several states.
Before all of the "child-porn/sex-offender" tags start flying in...just no.
I was never a violent criminal & never had anything to do w/ any of those other things.
Some of us grew up where we did whatever we wanted. It wasn't all legal. Causes have effects and actions/statements have consequences & repercussions (everywhere, except, of on the Internet).

Personally, most of the time I spent there was for not 'snitching' on a friend.

It wouldn't matter if a lot of you ass-holes posting about this writers vagina actually had one or not-because, if you were where I was, and talked the way that you do w/ your anonymity on the'd be getting fucked anyways...don't have a vagina...well, roll-over bitch and your neighbors will make do with what you do have.

The last bit of my scorn & disgust for you comes from the fact that I went to one of those places.
When I came home, my left hand didn't.
Fuck You All
I still game (luckily, rpgs/srpgs w/ menu-based formats were always my favorite, but I was 'hardcore' and played every genre).
In fact, these days, there are many of us gamers who try to stand-up as men (and women) after an amputation (or any other disability for that matter), that I believe would have many of you little pussies giving up on gaming/shit, you'd probably kill yourselves, little bitches).

And. You would deprive me (and all of the others like me) from being able to enjoy a Game like Mass Effect for its story (via story-mode) or any other game (via a "skip combat" mode)...all while you could still play the game the way that you normally would?
You'd begrudge us this option?!

Of course you would.
In over 400+ comments...*NOT ONE* of you thought about anybody but yourself...not once were gamers w/ disabilities brought up.

So again, in parting...


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